Male Champions of Change

Male Champions of Change (MCC) Institute works with influential leaders toredefine men's role in taking action on geneder inequality. It activates peer groups of influential male leaders, supports them to step up beside women, and drives the adoption of actions across private sector and government.

This paper outline the MCC strategy's origins, methodology and impact. It suggests two actions for consideration. Specifically that:
- Government and business collaborate with the MCC Institute to grow theinitiative into a sustainable global network. 
- Leaders be encouraged to leverage the rok done by exploring, adapting andadopting MCC actions. 
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  • Uzoma Katchy
    This is a wonderful initiative. Getting men involved will greatly help in achieving  the objective of women empowerment. 
  • Annah Bengesai
    This is wonderful! we are meant to complement  and support each other 
  • Manickam Chinnathambi
    This is need of the hour.. This has to be intensively promoted to bring equality in the society.
  • Dr Ishrat Bano
    Wonderful initiative!
  • Ekaterina Burtseva

     “Recognise that advances for women are advances for



    Treat gender equality as a business priority


    Partner with women to advocate for gender equality – a vision driven together is more likely to succeed


    Male Champions of Change is a beautiful, vital institute, which every country has to implement.


    It is really amazing to see that Australia is rapidly progressing to achieve one of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: Gender equality. It is also great to hear that other countries are being urged to implement this approach and stimulated to fight together for the equality.


    I recommended making a video on the basis of this report, thus it can be easily spread among the people and perhaps, move organizations in other countries to follow Australia’s example.

  • veronica portugal
    I LOVED IT!! Great initiative
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