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  • Paloma Garrido González
    I #Breaktheglass by standing for women's rights, for my rights.
    I am a girl in a country which seems to support gender equality. However, stills remain many work to do.
    My field of interest is defense. When I started attending conferences about security and defense issues, I was almost the only girl who was not the mother, wife or daughter of a military officer or someone related to the field (politician, political advisor, journalist...). 
    Nowadays  we are still being few women but we are there. We are there because we know we can focus our career in that traditional man's field. 
    After being asked houndred times "who is your grandfather/ father/ boyfriend/ brother?" they are starting to understand women can develop their careers in the field they want to. 
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  • Ogbeyalu Okoye
    I #Break_the_glass by mentoring women around the world in startup businesses and skills and making them economically empowered.
    Empower women Global Champion and mantor @cherieBlair foundation for women
    Ogbeyalu okoye
  • Anika Subah Ahmad

    I #Break_the_glass by not keeping silent against violence against women. I #Break_the_glass by speaking against what is wrong and making girls realize about their own potential. Through my organization EVOLUTION360, I work to empower women in my community in different ways. I don't allow anyone to judge me basing on my gender and make girls conscious about their right for being treated equally without any gender influence. I motivate young boys and girls to work for empowering women around them in different ways. Because I dream of living in a gender equal world someday. Thus I #Break_The_Glass by empowering women in my community.

    Anika Subah Ahmad

    Global Champion for Change

    Empower Women

  • Mwabi Moyo
    This is amazing, ooooh what women can do!!!
    I wish all women had the mentality like this woman had. striving to educate her children even as a single mother. I am glad that I have been given a chance to contributing in making this my wish come true. I will do my best to civic educate single mothers in my community that they should try all they can to make sure that they educate their children. 
  • Tonnie Zibani
    This is how this woman from Chitungwiza community in Zimbabwe broke the glass.  In 1986, her husband died from a plane crash leaving her with two boys.  Upon the death of her husband, the late husband's relatives tried to grabb property and force her and her children away from the house that she had bought togather with her husband.  She resisted attempts to grab her property and vowed to stay at the house and take care of her children.  Its sad to note that, during this period she became a victim of Gender Based violence led and perpertatrated by female relatives of the late husband. She endured all sorts of physical, emotional, verbal as well as financial abuse.   She was harrassed during her mourning days and even physically beaten, but she vowed to stay at her house and take care of her children who were still in primary school.  She strongly  believed education is the key to unlock poverty and her goal in life was for her children to have quality education.  After the late husband's relatives had realised how serious this woman was and her insatiable, indescribable love for her children, they resorted to grabbing the children without the mother"s knowledge and took them to the rural areas and forced the woman to accept wife inheritance as a condition for having her children back.  

    With no other option the woman accepted the traditional practice and was inherited by her late young brother , she went back to her house with her two children and she gave birth to two other boys.  Secretely she changed the ownership of the house to her oldest son.  She was then married under chapter 37, now 5.11.   This is when another tragedy began, the husband left the woman and remarried in a neighbouring country leaving the woaman with 4 boy children.  He never supported his family back home, he never sent even a pencil for his own biological children until they finished universtity education.   The woman struggled alone, but she still valued education and made sure that he children attended good quality schools.  She would save the little money from her work as her registry clerk and ensured that she paid school fees for her children, she skipped lunch most of the time, harldly bought herself a new dress or a shoe, her children harldy enjoyed  Christmas with new clothes and new shoes but instead they enjoyed their right to quality education.  She successfuly blocked her husband from selling the house when he realised that it had been registered in the eldest son's name.
    She then benefited from the government early retirement package, constructed a shop and rented it as a surgery for 8 years.  All her children have now graduated from universities.  She is now running her own personal clothing business and is sublettng some of the rooms to other businessman who pay her a monthly rent.  Many at the shopping centre call her 'Mother' because she is the first woman to construct her own shop at the shopping centre, she was the first business woman at the shopping centre.  Interestingly, one among her four boy children is a gender specialist, gender activist working tirelesly to promote, protect and fullfil the human rights of women.  He is also rallying in the empower women rally
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi


    I was born with a clubfoot deformity and come from a low income/poor family in the North West Region of Cameroon. As a child born with a clubfoot, I faced a lot of myths, stereotyping, stigma and marginalization because societal and family perception placed me in the category of persons with disabilities. One common cultural practice in my village is that when a baby is born after twin babies, he/she is name with a specific name to identify him/her as a sibling to the twin babies. I was born after some twin babies but not named as our culture demands.  My mother did not notice my deformity from birth but only noticed it when I was learning to walk.  Every time she complains to my father that this child has difficulties taking up her right leg my father will hush her by saying “she is just learning to walk, when she will be use to walking, she will adjust”. Before my deformity could be clearly visible, my father had long died. Death did not give him the opportunity to see how my mother struggled with me in trying to repair my clubfoot.

    As I grew up with the deformity, societal perception looked upon me as a cursed child. In primary school I was not given the opportunity to participate in events and activities as a normal child. Back at home I was love and treated with extra care and over protection. That notwithstanding my mother will let me do chores as my siblings but weighing on my strength. When I completed primary school, an aunt of mine who also had a daughter with deformity on the knees had taken her daughter to a hospital for repairs. She then advised my mother to take me to that same hospital to also repair my leg. My mother took me for my first repair at the age of 11 years old when I just left primary school in 1987.That first surgery did not heal any results because as a child I need someone to follow me up closely. I was not leaving with my mother because coming from a poor home and have lost my father, relatives of my father had to support my mother by taking some of her children to live with them. They did not show any interest to make my surgery successful, so my deformity reoccurred. I continue to live with the deformity and my elder brother who had overtime trained to be a hair dresser was working in a hair dressing salon. One of his customers, a pregnant woman at that time came to do her hair and was expressing the need for a baby sitter for her yet to be born baby. My elder brother told her about me and finally I went to live with the family as a baby sitter. I lived with them for sixteen years and they were good to me. They did not focus on my deformity so much but treated me as a normal person. At the beginning they asked me a few questions about my life and deformity and as time went on they were very satisfied with me. Through my stay with the family as a baby sitter with a clubfoot, I went to secondary, high school and the university. During my school days, I will put together being a baby sitter and a student, struggling to make ends meet. I made sure I was not over excited with school and forget to serve my master. Thank God I was able to make it through successfully

    After the university, I was working in a super market as cashier. One day a reverend sister of the Franciscan congregation came in to buy and I was the one to attend to her. When I walked towards her, she screamed “Oh what a beautiful girl, I do not want to see you limping”. Then I asked her what could be done. She told me to come to Saint Joseph’s Children and Adult Home (SAJOCAH), a rehabilitation center where she works and I will be counseled on what to be done.

    I had my second surgery in 2008 at an adult age and it was successful because, I was conscious of how to take care of my clubfoot. After a lot of follow ups and finally resulting to adapting all my shoes, I was employed in SAJOCAH as a cashier. I worked with them for three (3) years and had the opportunity to go back to school. I had saved enough money to pay my professional school. I went back to school and obtained a diploma in Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation from the Pan African Institute for Development West Africa, Buea, Cameroon.Today I still fall in the category of PWD because my clubfoot was repaired at an adult age which is not completely perfect. I still were supports in my shoes and I still limp. But unlike before I can wear better and nicer shoes and also have more strength than before. I can even wear flip-flop which I have never wore before. As I have accepted my fate, I chose to also focus my career on issues of disabilities and all vulnerable persons. I volunteer as a Program Manager in an organization for persons with disabilities where I have gained a lot of skills on disability and inclusive development. With inspiration from this organization and the skills I have already, I am the founder and owner of the Community Association for Vulnerable Persons (CAVP). I feel victorious over my clubfoot because I have gone through all the challenges overcoming the myth, stereotyping, stigma, and marginalization and taken a leap over my barriers. I am assertive and have a high self-esteem with full confidence. I am very satisfied with my carrier ambitions and as I am a role model for my peers with disabilities, I do my best to encourage them to be confident of themselves and know that it is never too late to achieve what you desire in life



  • Jenny Clater
    Through my blog at Latinas United I promote women empowerment in the Latina Community. I feel that often times Latina women are portrayed in a negative light due to what we see in the media and I wanted to find a way to showcase these women as leaders in the community and much more.  Through my blog I discuss barriers each of these women have faced and how they have overcome these barriers. I have recently hosted my first event in my community in efforts to show how I bring forth change in women and I am happy to share that it was a success. We had a panel of women, One who had Invented a cooking utensil, a president for a non-profit, Director of Operations and an Associate Director for a Finanacial Firm. These women discussed their barriers in the workplace and how they overcame those challenges. We encouraged the women in the community to find their passion and continue to break through those barriers. We created Vision Boards for2017 and set some goals up. I hope to continue to highlight women who are breaking through glass ceilings in order to achieve Economic Empowerment
    • Mwabi Moyo
      Congratulations for the successful event.
      I like your idea of bring women to share their stories with their fellow women. This is good because the other women can learn from them and become empowered.
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  • Clara Ibihya
    Kindly allow me to share how i break/broke the glass;My story goes like this;my marriage broke some years back when my husband walked out,we were staying in the city in a rented house,though i was employed my salary couldn't meet the rent,water,electricity bills and upkeeping with my two children,I had to relocate to the village about fifty km from the city where i built a mud house.I continued to commute daily to the office until it became unbearable,i resignied and start concentrating on vegetable gardening,then i started business of ferrying day old chicks from Zambia to Tanzania where i managed to save some money and built a brick house also installed electricity and tape water.I continued with the business and  also started  poultry keeping  but after some years i decided diversifying to  hair dressing saloon and tailoring unfortunately the business failed due to poor management on my side also workers were not trustworthy since i did not have the skills.I opted to attend a food processing and entrepreneurship management course so that to have the skills.The course transformed my life completely because i started a company of dehydrating fruits and vegetables which is growing steadily and i now have a modern house,we fabricate dryers and train farmer groups to dehydrate their produce for their home use and as business thus addressing post harvest losses which is rampant in my Country.My call to women is irrespective of divorce,widow or single parent one should not despair and want to live life of people sympatizing,i am a living testimonie.
    • caroline nyakeri
      Clara I salute you for shattering the glass ceiling. Your courage to start a fresh and tenacity is a testimony that as women we have it in us to succeed and comfort zones can limit us if we are not watchful. Your story is a keeper. #BreakTheGlass
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  • Tsafack Olive
    Young should gain the confidence and courage to  act as change agents in the promotion of peace and inclusive societies. sustainable peace cannot be achieve without the involvement and active participation of women. Peace is a central component in every activity we undertake. 
    Today we are training young girls aged 18 and less as well as disabled women in Douala- Cameroon in gaining self confidence and working their public speaking skills, we are sure with these they shall become positive change makers, peace agents and role models by sharing their inspiring stories. The world needs more peace agents. 
  • Nour Abdelghaffar
    Women need to learn they're powerful enough to lead, to change and to inspire.. We've been molded in so many forms that made us doubt our capabilities or give up on ourselves but women's empowerment is the true key to success and to a better world. Break the mold, say what you need and stand up for rights. 
    Investing in women’s economic empowerment is intrinsic to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth.

    Having trained over 3000 women on various vocational skills, now is the time to step it up for rural women and girls to break the glass.

    For us to achieve this, I will like to integrate entrepreneurship to vocational skills, this will enable them manage the resources effectivily. For those that are educated and unemployed, we will teach them ICT and its importance to the present world.

    Women economic empowerment must be embraced by all to achieve the desired success.
  • Epamba Comfort

    My passion for girl’s education and menstrual hygiene management comes from my life experiences. I was only 10 years old when my father died. My mother and I were disinherited by my uncles afterwards, because our culture prevented women from inheriting property. But this wasn’t enough. I had to drop out of school for one year because my mum lacked money to pay my fees.As a girl from a poor background, growing up in this patriarchal community that didn’t support women’s rights and girl child’s education was even more difficult. Many believe that girls aren’t worthy of an education and their best chance in life is to be married off  when they’re barely teenagers and start having children of their own.This prevents adolescent girls from getting an education, or a complete education.

    My mother challenged this cultural practice by engaging in small scale farming, raising income and becoming the first woman in her community to send a girl (me) back to school. when other parents sent only boys to school and forced young girls into early marriages,forced labor to work as house help, nannies and farm workers, my mother kept working hard to ensure I stay in school.When I went back to school, I  missed school 4 days every month when I had my period. My mother couldn’t afford to buy me sanitary pads after paying my fees. Often, I’d use toilet tissue and old dresses which was unhygienic and caused me infection.

    I founded Centre for Livelihoods and Support to Sustainable Development (CLISSD) Cameroon, a non- governmental organization at 20 years old in 2010,to honor my mum’s legacy , help many girls who were school drop out  complete their education and promote women sexual reproductive rights.Since then, CLISSD- in partnership with schools, churches and women focus groups - has helped over 300 girls go back to school and continue education. We have raised campaigns on girl’s education and on their rights to protect themselves against forced labor, early/forced marriage; unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. We initiated cultural events, to break silence and cultural taboos surrounding menstruation.

    Through my 9 years leadership experience, CLISSD also convinced 5 local leaders to set laws to stop forced marriage, change traditional attitude towards menstruation, and empowered 40 mothers to send daughters to school.Engaged 80 girls and boys as 'Let Girls Learn Ambassador.Trained women to produce Re-usable sanitary pads and provided 180 sanitary pads


    to  girls and women in prisons, rural communities, disability centers who cannot afford sanitary pads. My  long term goals is to connect and empower over 500 girls and women to leadership opportunities,so that they wll gain life educational skills to make informed decisions on gender policies and develope their own solutions to the problems they are facing.

  • Mojisola Adewumi
    Passionate in helping Nigerian youth to pursue their entrepreneur goal and be a positive change maker.This motivates me to initiate a sensitization awareness program in Entrepreneurship and business to youths in my community Nigeria on:" Starting and running a business particularly in the period of recession”
    Here youths were encouraged to start small and think big, focusing on agriculture and food products.
     As a result of foreign exchange and recession problem which made citizen to choose food as a basic needs first in their scale of preference due to persistence inflation in prices of good and service caused by the aforementioned problems.
    In terms of raising start up funds, youth were informed to start with both financial and marketing leads from their immediate family and later embrace available Nigeria Government soft loans and grants to support their businesses for expansion.
    The alarming rate of unemployment among youths in Nigeria has posed a serious threat to the economy growth. Of course, this call for an urgent action in which the only way forward is to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship.
    Through this my organization has been supportive, providing training, awareness training and employment opportunity for unemployed youth. 
    Details to one of my numerous voluntary services on youth empowerment can be watched on the attached video.
  • رحاب محمد
    Hello every body:As through the last days i broke the glass when i revoluted against corruption  of the  judiciary  system in my country as i discovered that people who was responsible for  closing my account trying tosteal it were  corrupted judges in the Egyption council of state in order to replace me with one of them in UN Conference though the judiciary law prevents judges and presecuters from working or talking in political issues or diplomacy except in one case if he resigned from Their jobs  as,in this case  they didnot only violate my humans rights in privacy , security and freedom of expression  but also violated All the judiciary laws as in this  way they prevent me from  demanding that they must  involve women in Egyption council of state according to the Egyption constitution, but also they take my place and break me in order not to have voice again ,as i will tell you  not only that they pay to the computer engineer to steal my face book accounts when i asked him to fix it to me and that i had to make anew account by my self  but also  i will  express to you the corruption level that Egypt has  reached ,to  but despite of all this i didnot give up and serched for ajob to work in it  temporarly  till  i achieve all my dreams ,as  i am active person by my nature  that cannot just study,eat and sleep  but i had to work to support myself financially from one side and not to have afree time wasted till i  achieve  all my dreams from the otherside and ,i will break all the glass in my way till the last day of my life
    Rehab Ismail
  • Josephine Adeti
    This is my story of how i broke my glass ceilings. #BreakTheGlass #EWChampions4Change http://anankemag.com/2016/11/22/a-letter-to-my-editor/
  • Eri I
    The latest initiative in my country, Violence Reporting Campaign :
  • A few months ago, there was a workshop on Ending Child Marriages in Africa that l attended here in South Africa. It was a collaboration of various civil societies, Center for Human Rights UP, Center for Child Law, a few African countries,  academics, traditional leaders and members of the police force. The main aim was to establish ways to end child marriages how the girls can be protected, and how societies and organisations can assist them. This was a way of breaking the glass, the only problem we realised was we did not have the young girls, we did not involve them, those that have been faced with issues of child marriages. We may come up with great ideas, the most important thing in Breaking the Glass by involving those young girls. Talking to them listen to their stories, be a part of their journey to empowerment. Many of them are forced into these marriages because of poverty, others due to traditions, spiritual and religious activities. It is high time that we save these girls, empower them to be educated, to be independent and above all to help us save other young girls facing the same situations as they are. I will break the glass by saving a girl..
    • رحاب محمد
      BUT SOME TIMES  children marriage becomes necessary especially if the girl is homless or very poor to the extent that she  would sell her body TO Get money to eat RIGHT?
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  • رحاب محمد
    Hello every body : As today i will tell you how i break the glass in my life as  i have the honour to be the only woman in the middle east who passed the master quiz of the international criminal law from highly ranked governmental university in USA as well as the only woman in my country who studied the enviromental law and policy as in Egypt all the faculties of law did not teach this branch of law yet or even heard about it , in addition to the fact that iam  UN messanger of humanity in in a country donot believe in women leadership breaking all the glass of old habits and sick minds of Egypt ,And it would be exrtraordinary breaking the glass if i worked in this new fields as well , As i will always break the glass that separates me from my dreams so lets all break the glass togather
    Rehab Ismail
  • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
    Thank you for this initiative to #breaktheglass and tell the story of my very close friend, Frances. 
    Frances was going through emotional abuse because her relatives and friends friends treated her with scorn because she was up-to the age of marriage but was not married. 
    She was under pressure to marry so that she could earn the regard of the society and relatives.  So she hurriedly married a man who was also dating other women. On her wedding night, she overheard her husband telling another woman that he had to marry Frances because his family arranged it. When she tried to confirm it with him, the husband beat her up on their wedding night. 
    She became very depressed and withdrawn to the extent that the husband would beat her and lock her up in the house for days. 
    This continued until one day, she quit her job in a bit to make her marriage work only to discover that the husband had been living with another woman in another town from where he used to visit her. At this point, she had to divorce the man and started living her life to the fullest. 
    She was used as a money bag for a husband who did not love but only wanted money to spend. 
    Now She is living her life happily. 

    This link talks about a comprehensive field  research l did to establish the needs of women in rural Ghana. The findings led to the formulation of micro enterprises to address the needs of the rural woman. One such innovation which is currently running is the turning of biodegradable materials into useful products by rural women in the Gomoa West District of Ghana. Read more here
  • Derby Prakah-Asante
    Brilliant Initiative! It is very important for us to share our stories to empower each other. 
  • Tony Kiambi Mwebia
    Finally am getting the Idea
  • Uzoma Katchy
    #Breaktheglass is a wonderful initiative. Various religious and cultural beliefs have  hindered women's  empowerment. This will greatly address the needs of women and young girls in Africa where women's role  have been subjugated  to  the background.
    I think Education through Value Re-Orientation of women and girls will play a vital role in  breaking this glass  off from their lives since certain biases are age long held beliefs.
    This initiative will  also help the younger women and girls to believe in themselves , explore new ideas and break down every barrier and beliefs that has held them down.  They will equally be aware of their rights and access every opportunity  available  to them.
  • Courtney Mone't Randolph
    I will be recording my video this week!
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