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  • Femme
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  • Ville: Mombasa
    Pays: Kenya
  • National Youth Council
  • Concepts d'Autonomisation Economique , Gouvernance et planification nationale, Création d'emploi, Emploi des jeunes , Développement des compétences , Mentorat , Emploi et formation en Affaires, Entreprenariat, Création d'entreprise, planification&gestion , Finances , TICs, Sécurité alimentaire , Ressources , Changement climatique , Consommation & Gestion des déchets , Développement Durable et Changement Climatique, Conseils d'Administration, Leadership , Suivi, Évaluation
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I have worked for local NGOs including International centre for reproductive health, population service international, Muslims for human rights among others with for us on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, Communicable diseases, human rights I specialize in development studies, community issues and counseling with focus on women and youth issues where by i seat in a youth board and chair a group called "Vijana Jike" young women where we focus on leadership, micro finance and training in specific areas like business and an all round empowerment program to help better the lives of young women.