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  • Ville: Nairobi
    Pays: Kenya
  • 1) Young Leaders of Tomorrow 2) Friends of the Elderly ( FOTE)
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  • Politique fiscale et monétaire, Création d'entreprise, planification&gestion , Entreprise, opportunités de travail & retombées, Recherche, services consultatifs & innovation
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Being an Empower women Global champion, I would like to encourage women to be optimistic in this male-dominated world and make sure that they work and be persistent in their dreams.Current world is a global village through use of technology i will be based on Macro level to provide any necessary resource needed by women within my disposal.Coming from Africa we have many issues affecting women, ranging from early marriages,child labor,female genital mutilation.I will ensure that women are given equal opportunities in their place of work,equal rights or precisely gender equity in all fields.