Cecilia Fernández Peña

Communications and Social Media Specialist at UN Women


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  • Femme
  • Relié:
  • Ville: Ukraine
    Pays: Bolivie, État plurinational de
  • UN Women
    Organisation ou Réseau à but non lucratif
  • Concepts d'Autonomisation Economique , Politique socioculturelle, Création d'emploi, Education , Jeunes professionnels


Cecilia is a passionate feminist, women’s rights activist and a rebel at heart. Her professional background is in Communications for Development and she loves using art, storytelling and participatory approaches to promote social change. In the past, she has been dedicated to improving women’s capacity to exercise and have access to sexual and reproductive health. At UN Women, Cecilia focuses on using communication strategies and social media to support the impact of the movement for women’s economic empowerment all over the world. In her free time, Cecilia is either dancing her feet off to Latin and African rhythms or trying out new recipes in the kitchen.