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  • Femme
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  • Ville: London
    Pays: Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande du Nord
  • The FutureProof Foundation
    Organisation ou Réseau à but non lucratif
  • Analyse de rentabilisation , Concepts d'Autonomisation Economique , Investissement, Création d'emploi, Développement des compétences , Mentorat , Equilibre vie professionnelle/ vie privée, Travail à temps partiel , Entreprenariat, Possession d'actifs, Entreprises innovantes , Création d'entreprise, planification&gestion , Entreprise, opportunités de travail & retombées, Conseils d'Administration, Leadership , Prise de décision, Jeunes professionnels
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I am honoured to be a UN Women Global Champion and part of this dynamic online community to empower women and girls. As the CEO of The FutureProof Foundation I work to inspire, educate & empower girls and women on how to create a better life for themselves and be the best they can be. We focus on Education, Leadership, Communication and Entrepreneurship. I also have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in Real Estate, Luxury Brand Management, Marketing & Communications. If you need any help and support in these areas or just want to say 'Hi'- please do not hesitate to get in to touch.