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A rapidly evolving, technology-driven world will require job seekers to be well educated and be prepared for a life-long journey of learning and relearning.

This is a challenge for women and girls who are already lagging in terms of attending and completing primary and secondary school. Of the 774 million adults (15 years and older) who still cannot read or write, two–thirds of them (493 million) are women.

The digital revolution and the 21st century labour market present both opportunities and challenges for women and girls. While it can open new markets for them, the reality is that the global digital gender gap is widening. About 257 million fewer women are online than men.

At the same time, knowledge and skills in STE(A)M-related fields are increasingly required. 90% of jobs entail some digital competencies, including programming. It is expected that coding will become a new form of literacy, i.e. knowing how to code will be a required skill for young women and men seeking employment.

Creative solutions are needed to break these trends and respond to new labour market demands. Targeted efforts are required to inspire more women to pursue the non-traditional jobs and create conditions for their success.

UN Women launched its virtual skills school WeLearn prototype with the objective to ensure that every woman and girl has access to free and high-quality life-long learning opportunities, develop sufficient skills and secure a decent job; start a business; and overcome other challenges in life that hinder their empowerment.

The WeLearn platform will provide access to customized, skills-based learning paths, a supportive community of learners and change-makers, and connections to  employment opportunities that will economically empower women and girls and build a more gender inclusive society.

UN Women will work with partners and leverage new pedagogies, software and low-cost hardware technology to offer interactive and collaborative learning, interdisciplinary curricula, real-world projects, experience-based learning and gamification.

We are looking forward to receive your feedback, inputs, suggestions and proposed partnerships.

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  • Gracie Willow
    WeLearn Prototype simply hats off for your whole team for thinking about the girls who are mostly uneducated and because of they are uneducated they seems to face many difficulties, now its important or even necessary for girls and women's to start learning and relearning in current rapidly growing, evolving and technology-driven world coursework service requires job seekers to be well-educated on you can say well-master in their major field....
  • patricia omo sukore
    Interesting, the 21st century technology is moving in the speed of light. would love to be a part of this initiative.
  • caroline nyakeri
    Looking forward to using this.
  • Uzoma Katchy
    Good initiative
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