­Redesigned & Rebranded!­­

“It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin

During a normal networking event, inside a PwC office in New York, a few dozen women in various technology fields came together to connect, find mentors and experience camaraderie. At this event, inspirational guest speakers from UN Women shared their stories and work, which led to the unforgettable experience of redesigning EmpowerWomen.org.

Arpitha Shetty, PwC – “We recognized the challenges faced by EmpowerWomen.org in reaching a global audience to achieve its mission and saw an opportunity to help the team with our design and technology expertise.”

The personal desire to help advance women around the world was enough to spark a journey for half a dozen PwC team members to help re-brand, create and launch the redesigned Empower Women website by proposing a skills-based volunteering project between PwC and UN Women..

Creating the team

At PwC, skills-based volunteering or pro bono work represents the firm’s ability to strategically deploy its people’s skills and competencies to create value for non-profit organizations. In fact, the past three years, PwC has delivered more than $60 million in pro bono services.

Understanding how the firm has embraced pro bono work, Arpitha worked with Hemant Ramachandra, PwC’s US Advisory Digital Technology Solutions leader, and Lisa Feigen Dugal, the PwC US Advisory Chief Diversity Officer, to create a two-phase project proposal for discussion with PwC’s Corporate Responsibility team. The outcome? Approval for a global, diverse team to put their skills and creativity into motion in order to turn the proposal into a reality.

The first phase focused on web strategy and design to help EmpowerWomen.org reach a wider global audience, increase member engagement and enhance the overall user experience of the website. PwC started with understanding Empower Women’s global audience - their goals, motivations and expectations. This involved interviews and survey responses from 2,000 women and men from diverse backgrounds, regions, cultures, age and professions. Building a global community, taking action to make a difference, and engaging in local initiatives were some of the key motivators overall. A thorough assessment of the current website was performed, the results of which drove the redesign of EmpowerWomen.org. The second phase involved bringing the design to life and driving change with a redesigned experience.

Why the redesign?

Anna Falth, UN Women – EmpowerWomen.org started as a content aggregator of learning, research, tools and a platform to be heard, but quickly grew into a movement for women’s economic empowerment. The site experience wasn’t designed to handle this shift and with PwC’s support, we are looking to grow this into a bigger movement.”

What to expect with the new design?

Expect a changed, enhanced experience -- one that is easy to navigate, explore, connect and collaborate with others! For members who have been using EmpowerWomen.org for a while, you will notice things are very different - not just the overall look and feel, but where you can find content, too.  Here’s a quick overview:

●       Learn & inspire a global Community

○       Access stories, discussions, events & opportunities - local and global

○       Engage with passionate women and men to become advocates and change makers in your community

○       Connect with gender-responsible organizations sharing their good practices

●       Access a wealth of Resources: Documents, Research, Learning content/videos and more

●       Explore Empower Women’s initiatives and its mission under Who We Are

●       Join and inspire others to Join the Global Movement for women’s economic empowerment

●       Become a global Champion and use the tools offered to create impact

Meet the Team

The team of PwC professionals helping to launch the redesigned EmpowerWomen.org and the Empower Women team will be hosting two events at the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (#CSW60) titled Breakthrough Technologies and Innovations that Empower Women and Driving change for women's economic empowerment

While the pro bono work was the main focus for the PwC team, the real takeaway has been an increased passion to make an impact in the lives of women around the world.

Hemant Ramachandra, PwC – “Doing something actionable with what you believe in will change the world. Through the project we learned a lot about Empower Women and I’ve become personally engaged in more pro bono and living up to the PwC purpose – to build trust in society and solve important problems. We are doing this because it is not only the smart thing to do but also the right thing to do.”

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  • Joy Eze
    So grateful to our lead team,for lunching our fantastic platform,I thank you all for investing your time and efforts to see that we have the most educating and interactive platform.
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    This was a great success.Thanks to all who worked so had to enable us explore,share and contribute tirelessly and with no limits on this great plat form. It so easy and interesting now than before. Thank you
  • Ondiek Japheth
    Thanks to all of you who tirelessly worked through to migrate resources,debug errors and design the new user friendly interface that is going to increase the platform usability to another level of movement.Cheers to all PWC Team Apirtha Shetty and Hemant Ramachandra and Empower Women Team led by Manager Anna Falth.We are looking forward to two events at the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (#CSW60) titled Breakthrough Technologies and Innovations that Empower Women and Driving change for women's economic empowerment.
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