Empower Women announces 75 new Global Champions for women's economic empowerment

Empower Women is pleased to announce 75 new Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment. Their nominations come after a month long rally where over 600 applicants from all over the world advocated for women’s economic empowerment in several online and social media activities. 

As part of the rally, the selected champions have reached out to their networks, engaged on online discussions, and contributed resources to various campaigns and initiatives. The new Global Champions represent a diverse group of dynamic and enthusiastic women and men from all regions of the world. Over the next five months, the recently-nominated Global Champions will serve as advocates for women’s economic empowerment online and in their regions and will be involved in a series of innovative initiatives and campaigns. 


Congratulations to:


Abd Elghany Reda (Egypt)

Adebisi Haruna (Nigeria)

Alysia Silberg (South Africa)

Ana Choza (Spain)

Ana Espinosa (USA)

Angela Ianniciello (France)

Badejoko Fabamise (Nigeria)

Bethel Tadesse (UK)

Catherine Nyoike (Kenya)

Catherine Wachu (Kenya)

Cecilia (Zhou) Zhuang (China)

Charlene Laidley (UK)

Chiara Bellani (Belgium)

Christina Deakin (Japan)

Clarissa Rios Rojas (Peru)

Ebru Uzumcu (Turkey)

Ekene Onu (USA)

Elena del Barrio Álvarez (Spain)

Evelyn Bisona Fonkem (Cameroon)

Fatma Tawfik (Egypt)

Gladys Muthara (Kenya)

Goknur Akcadag (Turkey)

Hala Bugaighis (Libya)

Heanneah S. Farwenee (Liberia)

Heeshma Chhatralia (India)

Ilinca Vasiliu (UK)

Jana Nguyenova (Slovakia)

Jimena Solar (Peru)

Joy Eze (Nigeria)

Julien Delsarte (Belgium)

Kanchan Amatya (Nepal)

Karen Sneha Moawad (India)

Kassoum Coulibaly (Mali)

Kipkoech Lewis (Kenya)

Laura Martinez (Spain)

Liuba Grechen Shirley (USA)

Liz Guantai (Kenya)

Lolita Taub (USA)

Margaret Ngugi (Kenya)

Marwa Radwan (Egypt)

Mary Achieng (Kenya)

Mary Mkoji (Kenya)

Melanie Bublyk (Australia)

Michel Choto (South Africa)

Monica Lerith Melendez Flores (Mexico)

Monica Stancu (Romania)

Myam Mahmoud (Egypt)

Nelly Andrade (Mexico)

Nwedobong Okon (Nigeria)

Olipa Phiri (South Africa)

Olushola John (Nigeria)

Pooja Lama (Nepal)

Proudpisut Sangouthai (Thailand)

Rawan Alhindawi (Jordan)

Rawan Shehab (Egypt)

Renu Ghimire (Nepal)

Renu Tandon (India)

Ria San Gabriel (Philippines)

Robert Oichi (Kenya)

Roman Girma Teshome (Ethiopia)

Rosario del Pilar Diaz Garavito (Peru)

Sabin Muzaffar (UAE)

Samah Kareem (State of Palestine)

Sara Davaasambuu (Mongolia)

Sasha Byers (USA)

Seda Diker (Turkey)

Sejin Seo (Republic of Korea)

Soad Aboghazey (Egypt)

Stella Bakibinga (Uganda)

Swati Vempati (India)

Tazeen Dhanani (USA)

Teresa Abila (Kenya)

Thabo Mubukwanu (Zambia)

Tonny Okello (Uganda)

Waleed Sadek (UK)

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  • Ana Choza
    I am really happy to be part of this! Thanks UN Women - Empower Women for giving us this opportunity.
  • Tiphaine Bueke
    Toutes mes félicitations aux Champions!
  • Ebru Uzumcu
    I'm glad to be a part of this group. As far as I know my family's background, I'm the 4th generation of women activists. In my country women suffer tremendously and no significant intervention is being done. I play, write, volunteer, speak on women empowerment issues. Hopefully WEE will help me in that journey so I can reach out to more women.
  • Roman Girma Teshome
    I am delighted and proud to be selected as a Global Champion for Women's Economic Empowerment. It's an honor to be part of this vibrant and diverse team. Thank you UN Women for giving us this opportunity and I am looking forward to work with all of you.
  • Reda Abdelghany
    I'm so proud to be one of the 72 new Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment. thanks so much and I hope that I can work with others team and help more women in Egypt
  • Reda Abdelghany
    Thanks so much ,I'm so proud to be one of the Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment. I hope that I can work and help women in Egypt .Thanks UN and empower women .
  • Associate Prof. Goknur Akcadag
    Thank you UN Women and empowerwomen for this amazing opportunity. I'd like to be able to share that with other women in Turkey. I am looking forward to work with all champions and the empower women team.
  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem
    I am so elated that I part of this team. This is really a dream come true. Congratulations to all those who made it this far.Thank you Empower Women for believing in us. This opportunity will challenge me personally and professionally.
  • Renu Tandon
    Thank you @UN Women , @Empower Women, this is a huge opportunity, responsibility and a privilege. Congratulations to my fellow champions, look forward to making significant changes and learning from all of you.
  • Badejoko Fabamise
    Thank you @UN Women @Empower Women for this great privilege and the opportunity to serve. I am humbled and feel highly honored. Together, we will effect positive changes and dedicate great energies to the WEE cause all over the world. Our voices count
  • Catherine wachu
    Congratulations to all! I thank the UN Women/Empower Women for giving me this wonderful opportunity to champion for women economic empowerment I am humbled and honored. I am looking forward to work with all champions and the empower women team.. It is my hope a few months from now I will look back and be proud of the good changed I will be part of.
  • Stella Bakibinga
    I am very honored to be a part of this team. I look forward to contributing towards the economic empowerment of women not only in my region, but also to the entire world. Together we can achieve WEE!
  • somaia ahmed
    Congratulations for all , I hope to be like them
  • Sabin Muzaffar
    It is an absolute honour. It is an image platform where together all of us can collaborate to make a difference in the lives of millions, and help create an equitable world.
  • Kipkoech Lewis
    Am really grateful to have been selected among for this noble cause of changing the world.Bundles of thanks to Empower Women for such opportunity.I would like to congratulate my fellow Global Champions.Together we will bring the needed positive changes .
  • Tonny Okello
    Am so happy for this opportunity, overwhelmed that my input will surely see a change in someone's life. Thanks Empower Women for this opportunity. Congratulations to all my fellow global champions and wishing each one the best.
  • Heanneah .S. Farwenee
    I am so excited to have been granted this opportunity to promote women economic empowerment. Thank you @Empower Women. Congratulations to my fellow champions. Looking forward to a wonderful welcome webinar.
  • Thank you UnWomen and Empower women for this amazing opportunity, I can not wait for the webinar on tuesday and for meeting all my fellow champions. Lets make this group shine all over the world! We can start meeting on twitter, add me : @clarissajaz
  • Joy Eze
    So happy to be part of this great journey!
  • Sejin Sasha Seo
    Thank you very much for this meaningful opportunity and congratulations my fellow champions. I am more than happy and excited to work as a member of champions for Women`s economic empowerment. I cant wait to meet you all at the webinar, upcoming week. will bring the best performance on this opportunity as much as I can contribute. TGIF !!! and Thank you again -
  • Congratulations my fellow champions. Am really excited to be chosen as a global champion for Women economic empowerment.. I look forward to working with all of you to drive WEE agenda forward.
  • Chiara Bellani
    Thank you so much for this opportunity! Looking forward to sharing and contributing to women economic empowerment with my contribution!
  • Teresa Abila
    Thank you alot for this opportunity of being a Global Champion for Women's Economic Empowerment.I look forward to learning and sharing my knowledge/skills to drive WEE agenda forward.To all other Champions,congratulations.Let the work begin!
  • Mary Mkoji
    Looking forward to learning from all of you and taking the little right steps to make a difference within our communities. Congratulations fellow champions
  • Melanie Bublyk
    Thank You so much for this opportunity!I am thrilled to work alongside you all for the next five months in promoting women's economic empowerment and gender equality.This is an empowering experience and I'd like to be able to share that with other women in Australia.
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