Empower Women announces 25 winners of Rosetta Stone language licenses

Empower Women is pleased to announce the 25 winners[i] of “Win a Free Online Language Course of Your Choice” Contest. We received motivating applications from our members across the globe. Whether a woman entrepreneur, employee or a student – the applicants emphasized the importance of learning a foreign language and its importance in advocating for women’s economic empowerment.

The winners of the Rosetta Stone language course licenses are: Adaye Akua Assunta (Cote D’Ivoire), Adriana Karpinska (Belgium), Alysia Silberg (South Africa), Catherine Wachu (Kenya), Chiara Luna Marmai (Italy), Chloe Richard-le Bris (France), Elena del Barrion Alvarez (Spain), Fasiha Farrukh (Pakistan), Jihene Malek (Tunisia), Kamdem Magne Roseline (Cameroon), Lea Batamuriza (Rwanda), Lilia Micho (Kenya), Mary Akutu (Kenya), Mohamed Helmi Mostafa Setta (Egypt), Nora Peterson (USA), Pooja Lama (Nepal), Rabah Laila (France), Rita Otu (Nigeria), Saltana Asan (Kyrgyzstan), Soad Aboghazey (Egypt), Sofia Tsourlaki (Greece/UK), Somaia Ahmed, (Egypt), Tazeen Dhanani (USA), Teresa Abila (Kenya), Ushree Roy (India).

The applicants were invited to submit:

(1) Her/his motivation for learning an additional language and how it will help him/her to develop a business, get a job or to move up the career ladder.

(2) A brief essay on the topic Women, education and empowerment, explaining a particular challenge s/he had faced by not knowing a foreign language, and/or the opportunity it represent for women's economic empowerment.

The Selection Committee carefully read and examined all the applications and decided to specifically acknowledge five (5) applicants for essays with an original voice, unique style, fresh point of view and creativity: Adriana Karpinska (Belgium), Kamdem Magne Roseline (Cameroon), Nora Peterson (USA), Rabah Laila (France) and Sofia Tsourlaki (Greece/UK). These essays will soon be published as blogs on Empower Women for exposure to hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the applicants for their submissions. While not everyone was selected as a winner this time, we hope to engage with you on the Empower Women platform. Please follow our updates of Events and Opportunities for further engagement possibilities. Stay tuned for Empower Women in Arabic, French and Spanish.

[i] Due to the very strong applications, Rosetta Stone offered 15 additional licenses to the originally agreed 10 licenses.

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  • Joy Eze
    Hello Congratulations ladies!!!
  • somaia ahmed
    Thank you very much
  • somaia ahmed
    Thank you very much
  • Congratulation to all of us and a big Thank you to Empower Women Team!
  • Mary Akutu
    Many Many Thanks for landing such unexpected fortune! Am eagerly looking forward to beginning on the course work!
  • Elena del Barrio Álvarez
    Thank you very much for this great chance :)
  • Rita Otu
    Thank you for this great opportunity! I'm looking forward to start and learn a new language. Thank you.
  • Chiara Luna Marmai
    Thank you very much, I'm so excited and I'm looking forward to begin the course!
  • Chloe Richard
    Thank you for this opportunity !!
  • Tazeen Dhanani
    Thank you, Rosetta Stone and Empower Women! This is wonderful and very helpful.
  • Sofia Tsourlaki
    Thank you very very much!!!!! I am delighted!!!!
  • Teresa Abila
    Thank you Rosetta Stone for acknowledging the 25 of us! This is a great opportunity to learn and explore diversity in languages. I am so honoured and looking forward to a rewarding experience. Thank you.
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