Learning Webinar: Employer Supported Solutions for Childcare

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Employer-supported childcare is becoming an increasingly common corporate social responsibility practice around the world. It is a key aspect of achieving women's economic empowerment while promoting the welfare of future generations. Investing in quality childcare solutions and family-friendly policies, specific to company needs, is a win-win for employers and workers.

On 15 January 2020, the WE EMPOWER G7 Team hosted "Employer Supported Solutions for Childcare" online training webinar. This was a tutorial on how to implement this innovative work-life balance policy. Participants were equipped with a toolkit on the ins-and-outs of employer-supported childcare.

– Laura Addati, Policy Specialist, WE EMPOWER G7 Programme, ILO

– Rudaba Zehra Nasir, Global Lead for Employment & Childcare, IFC
– Sheryl Shushan, Director of Global Family Services, Patagonia
– Sonia Malaspina, HR Director South Europe, Danone
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