Champions for Change Voices on Skills Development

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"Champions for Change Voices on Skills Development" video made for CSW61 event by 2016-2017 Champion for Change Srishti Bakshi. 

In this video 2016-2017 Champions for Change:
Adina Luara Achim (Romania)
Betül Yücel (Turkey)
Clarindi Greeff (south Africa)
Ozlem Cengiz Alparslan (Turkey)
Mahwash Rehman (Pakistan)
Sadick Lugendo (Tanzania)
Sibel Unal (Turkey)

Srishti Bakshi (India)

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  • caroline nyakeri
    Indeed constant motivation and skills development is required especially in rural settings where most women depend on men. I find the internet a powerful tool that one can use to learn and adopt various skills at a minimal cost.  There is so much online that can be applied in our individual settings by adopting ideas and systems that work within similar regions and settings to ours. This video is a reminder that we face similar global issues to a great extent and inspires me to keep mentoring in rural Kenya. Thank you champions!
  • Grace Pisirai
     Indeed education is the most powerful tool whic you can use to chaneg the world. Wonderful presentation, well done champions!!!!
  • Annah Bengesai
    Excellent work champions.
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