What makes a great change maker?

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On 26 October 2015, Empower Women invited Nancy Welsh, Global Director of Ashoka’s Youth Venture, to share with us what makes a great change maker. In this 1-hour webinar she talks about the importance of empathy, how everyone can drive social change in their community and beyond, how we should look at creative approaches to problem solving, and why we should see failure as a good thing. As she explains, “You should not be worried if you fail even a hundred of times. You should worry about the opportunities you miss if you don't try."


Nancy Welsh is an industry leader and celebrated entrepreneur. She has received various awards for her philanthropy work and holds the first process patent in green construction in the United States for her method of building green, affordable housing communities.

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  • Joy Eze
    Thanks Nancy,this is encouraging.
  • Kipkoech Lewis
    This is so inspiring Nancy and thanks for the job well done!
  • Stella Bakibinga
    Yes Nancy, over time I have learned that we need to push on even when the future seems unpromising. If we give up on trying, we may miss our opportunity to break even. We should keep striving for our goals!
  • Monica Lerith Melendez Flores
    Thank you Nancy for sharing your experience with us! I was not able to join the webinar but I am glad it has been uploaded. I believe that if you have empathy and are able to connect with others you will be able to look beyond surface and really understand where are you needed the most or where is it really the place and the way you can truly make a difference in your community.
  • Alysia Silberg
    Thanks Nancy! I found this an incredible webinar! You're such an inspiration!!
  • Alysia Silberg
    Thanks Nancy! I found this an incredible webinar! You're such an inspiration!!
  • Renu Ghimire
    A motivational presentation by Nancy! I was really inspired by her to think big but to start small.
  • Monari christine
    Nancy you are an inspiration. Your talk is very motivating. I thank you for the presentation. I felt too given wings to fly high.
  • Dear Nancy and Empower women team, thank you for this presentation. It is great to know that the new generations are switching from a view of "generating profit" towards a view of purpose where we are trying to make a difference and "generate change". You are right, we need to look at the problems and come up with new ways on how to solve them. The talk was very inspiring and motivating, it really encourages to keep working towards your vision and learn from the mistakes. I have learnt in this talk that for leading we need to know how to approach our volunteers/colaborators and engage them on the project, we have to know how to motivate them and be part of the group goal. I felt so inspired that I immediately contacted a good friend of mine and ask her to be part of my project!. Thank you for this powerful presentation!
  • Karen Sneha Moawad
    Nancy is a wonderful speaker. I could listen to her all day long! Inspiring is an understatement! How she is raising four children and yet is able to make such an impact on so many people's lives is extraordinary. From the grocer who makes cheesecakes to the construction workers she worked with side-by-side to really understand their challenges, this video should be watched by everyone! This is one lady who has followed her passion. KEY ENABLERS There is a new kind of leadership that is needed. No more hierarchies but a collaborative form of leadership where everyone leads. LEADERSHIP TEAMWORK The old idea of teamwork quickly forms silos. The new kind of teamwork that is needed today is what we call Team of Teams. EMPATHY The foundational skill of a Changemaker is Empathy. This is central to the understanding of social issues and appropriate solutions and innovation. CHANGEMAKING The art of problem solving into action. We must work diligently to understand the problems and collaboratively work to innovate solutions that bring about change for the good of all.
  • Teresa Abila
    I was motivated more on what skills Nancy Welsh talked about on empathy, leadership, teamwork and change making. The four skills work hand in hand. She challenged me to unlearn things I've been taught and think outside the box. The webinar was worth it. Thank you
  • Melanie Bublyk
    It was empowering to listen to this Webinar on what makes a great change maker.The emphasis on empathy,thinking outside the box,collaboration and starting in your own community was good advice.
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