SHRM-IOE Guide: Return to Work During COVID-19

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and International Organisation of Employers (IOE) compiled this resource guide for returning to work during COVID-19. 

Following Covid-19, employers are asking themselves a major question: What does a return to work look like and how will businesses operate? We have learned much from various nations and their plans to re-open businesses during the pandemic. Moreover, we have used the varied lessons to establish a general checklist of considerations when supporting the return to work. This checklist is a guide for employers and Employer Organisations (EOs) on the broad implications of re-opening business operations while still ensuring the safety of people.

The guide is structured to account for major thematic considerations along with key questions and resources to be considered when implementing a return-to-work plan. The core elements include the following:

• The decision to return to work
• Implementation and execution of return to work
• Coping with after-effects
• Sustaining the right culture post-Covid-19
• Embracing the new realities of work
• Support and guidance from your employers’ organisation
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