Global Employment Trends for Youth 2020 - Technology and the Future of Jobs

The 2020 edition of the ILO report Global Employment Trends for Youth seeks to inform the design and implementation of policies aimed at generating full, productive and freely chosen employment and decent work opportunities for all, and in particular facilitating the transition from education and training to work, with an emphasis on the effective integration of young people into the world of work. 

This edition of the Global Employment Trends for Youth focuses on the impact of technological advances on youth labour markets. It analyses both opportunities and risks for youth in terms of job destruction and creation, the use of digital technology to improve labour market programmes, and sharing productivity gains.

Among other challenges, it points out:

-The continuing decline in young people’s engagement in the labour market, which reflects not only the increasing enrolment in education but also the persistence of the youth NEET (not in employment, education or training) challenge, especially among young women.

-The high rates of poverty faced by young people and their increasing exposure to non-standard, informal and less secure forms of employment.

-The concern around new technologies – particularly robotics and artificial intelligence

The report highlights recommendations including the need for effective policies to ensure that new technologies have a positive impact on youth employment, the need for better organization, voice representation and collective bargaining to ensure appropriate wages and working conditions for young workers along with gender-responsive approaches.
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