Executive Summary: Women as Levers of Change

Increasing gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated industries can be an effective means to address today's escalating challenges as well as facilitate and accelerate progress toward global sustainable development. Amid growing global advocacy movements for gender equality and diversity, evidence has emerged demonstrating significant business, economic, and social benefits associated with increasing women’s participation. Crucially, however, a major knowledge gap remains as to how women are advancing organizational and industrial transformation, and what can be done to unleash women’s potential as changemakers.

To address this research gap and contribute to the ongoing discourse, FP Analytics conducted a pioneering study of fourteen legacy industries, which are among the most male-dominated and have wide-reaching environmental, health, and social impacts.Through data analysis of over 2,300 publicly listed companies around the world and more than 160 in-depth, one-on-one interviews and follow-up surveys, this study illuminates the current levels of gender inequality in these legacy industries; examines the relationships between gender diversity and corporate financial, environmental, and social performance; identifies the many ways that women can advance or are advancing positive change; pinpoints factors preventing gender diversity; and highlights best practices that companies and advocates are taking to address them.
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