Charlevoix Commitment to End Sexual, Gender-based Violence, Abuse and Harassment in Digital Contexts

All forms of sexual and gender-based violence, abuse, cyber-bullying and harassment are unacceptable and are an obstacle to a free and equal society. Technology has the potential to play an important role in advancing gender equality and empowering girls and women. However, the benefits offered may be undermined by the perpetuation of new forms of violence, abuse and harassment. Sexual and gender-based abuse, harassment and the threat of violence in digital contexts pose risks to the safety and well-being of its targets and can lead to self-censorship and disengagement from digital spaces at a time when these spaces increasingly animate our everyday life. 

We, the Leaders of the G7, recognize the links between abuse, harassment and the threat of violence in a digital context and physical and psychological violence, abuse and harassment which are rooted in gender inequality. We strive for a future where the same human rights that individuals have offline are also protected online; and where everyone has equal opportunity to participate in political, social, economic, and cultural endeavors. 
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