Study on the Application of WEPs in Top 50 Companies in Indonesia

The study on the Application of Women’s Empowerment Principles provides a snapshot of the initiatives being implemented to empower women in the top 50 companies in Indonesia across the WEPs categories: corporate leadership; human rights and nondiscrimination; health and safety; education and training; enterprise development; community leadership and engagement; and transparency, measuring and reporting.

Primary data for this study was generated from in-depth interviews carried out with at least one representative from the corporate board or management of 50 large companies in Indonesia. The questions were developed in accordance with the reporting guidelines and the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool. Some additional questions were added to capture opinions and trends on awareness of gender equality.

This report aims to help companies and organizations working to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment to gain a clear understanding on the state of women's empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community. In addition, the report helps to raise awareness of the WEPs and how they can provide guidance to help companies integrating gender perspective into their programme, policies and reporting.

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