Recommendations of the Gender Equality Advisory Council - G7 Summit Biarritz

The G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council released its Recommendations for advancing Gender Equality and the empowerment of girls and women and their Call to Action to G7 and world leaders in advance of the 45th annual Group of Seven (G7) leaders Summit.

The recommendations consist of 79 good practices in gender equality laws in 4 sectors (violence, economic empowerment, education and health, discrimination) and in all regions of the world. It calls on the leaders of the G7 and other countries to commit themselves, through the "Biarritz Partnership", to adopt and implement progressive legislative frameworks for gender equality, drawing on its recommendations. In particular, it calls on the leaders to:

  • End gender-based violence;
  • Ensure equitable and quality education and health;
  • Promote economic empowerment;
  • Ensure full equality between women and men in public policies.

It calls on States to ensure the necessary funding for the implementation of laws and to monitor them on a regular basis, as well as to abolish any discriminatory measures against women that may persist. 

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