Gender Equality Advisory Council's Call to Action - G7 Summit Biarritz

The G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council released their Call to Action to G7 and world leaders in advance of the 45th annual Group of Seven (G7) leaders Summit.

The Council urges the Leaders to financially support women's rights organizations, and conduct meaningful consultation with girls and women, including feminist and grassroots organizations. 

The Council calls on all countries, especially G7 members, to:

1. Identify and abolish discriminatory laws, and/or amend clauses that are discriminatory, including in the G7 countries where they still exist.

2. Exact and implement progressive legislative frameworks that advance gender equality. The Council invites G7 Leaders and non-G7-countries to commit to adopt at leas one, but preferably several laws in their own countries, to strengthen existing laws, and to begin this legislative process before the next G7 Presidency. 

3. Guarantee necessary financing to implement legislative frameworks. Invest in strong accountability and governance mechanisms, including support for civil society. 

4. Measure and report on progress through timebound agreed indicators. 
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