2019 Report on Equality between Women and Men in the EU


The European Commission's Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-1019 sets the current framework for EU action to promote  the Union's fundamental values of equality between women and men. Equality between men and women in education, in economic decision-making and political power, and women's economic independence and equal earning potential are key for Europe's future.

This report takes stock of the main initiatives launched or completed in 2018 in the five thematic areas of the strategic engagement: 1. equal economic independence of women and men; 2. equal pay for work of equal value; 3. equality in decision making; 4. ending gender-based violence; and 5. promoting gender equality beyond the EU. The report focuses both on short-term developments over the last 12 months and the medium-term changes since 2010, which could evolve into longer-term developments. It also addresses potential factors that have an influence on real progress in equality between women and men in the EU, as supported by recent research. 

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