Digital Nation: Funding The Digital Economy

This is the second edition in our Digital Nation series, which is dedicated to understanding the most important trends around VC and PE talent in the tech sector.Venture capital and private equity funding are the financial bedrock of the industry, but there’s a problem. A lack of diversity is causing issues in terms of the types of companies that receive funding, meaning they are often not truly representative of the people they are meant to serve. With technology now underpinning all our lives that is a big potential problem for society as a whole.

Digital Nation Series entitled "Funding the Digital Economy" focuses on female representation (and lack of) in the VC and PE Sector, diversity, inclusion and the changes companies are making to address these issues.

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  • Great to know about the second edition of Digital Nation Series. And happier that this edition comes with focusing female representation on venture capital. The trend in technology is changing. can be a shining example of a new trend in technology. Hundreds of freelance writers are engaged with this platform and earning their livelihood.
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