Project Sage 2.0 - Tracking Venture Capital with Gender Lens

This report presents the results of our survey and analysis of private equity, debt, and venture capital funds that operate with a gender lens.The landscape captures the field through July 2018, when data collection for this report ended.

Goals: (1) Provide a current landscape of structured private equity, venture capital, and private debt vehicles that operate with a gender lens. (2) Present trends in gender lens investing, as a follow-up to Project Sage 1.0. (3)Provide insight on why funds that consistently use a gender lens in their investments may not state it publicly.

This report is for:

- Fund managers and financial advisers interested in how different funds construct their offerings.

- Investors interested in using capital to drive profits and achieve impact.

- Entrepreneurs and intermediaries aiming to understand the priorities of fund managers.

- Researchers who help to drive further study of impact investing and gender lens investing in particular.

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