Global Wage Report 2018/19: What Lies Behind Gender Pay Gaps

This report examines the evolution of real wages around the world, giving a unique picture of wage trends globally and by region.

The 2018/19 edition analyses the gender pay gap. The report focuses on two main challenges: how to find the most useful means for measurement, and how to break down the gender pay gap in ways that best inform policy-makers and social partners of the factors that underlie it. The report also includes a review of key policy issues regarding wages and the reduction of gender pay gaps in different national circumstances.

“The Global Wage Report is an indispensable for economists, trade unionists, employers and the interested public.” − Hansjörg Herr, Berlin School of Economics and Law.
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  • Dosse Sossouga
    Au Togo, il n'a pas de discrimination salariale liée au genre, mais femmes du secteur informel, les femmes des zones périurbaines et rurales sont sans salaires, de même que celles servant comme ménagères à domicile.
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