Women’s Empowerment Through Climate-Smart Agriculture

Closing the gender gap in agriculture can have a transformational impact on women’s lives and can unleash substantial development co-benefits between gender equality and climate action.

This document outlines UN Women’s Climate-Smart Agriculture programme, which addresses the differences in the resources available to men and women, their roles, labor burdens and the constraints they face. The Programme pursues four priority outcome areas that simultaneously address the structural barriers women farmers face within the context of a changing climate:

  1. Engender climate-smart policies and increase women’s land tenure security
  2. Increase women farmers’ access to climate-smart information
  3. Increase women farmers’ access to finance to invest in climate-smart agriculture
  4. Increase women farmers’ access to higher-added value markets

The Programme, as part of UN Women’s Flagship Programming Initiatives to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will be implemented through a portfolio of country projects and a regional programme for the Sahel supported by a Global Policy Project.


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