Women's Economic Empowerment through Responsible Business Conduct in G7 Countries

This booklet provides information about the WE EMPOWER programme and its priority areas, and offers insights into the efforts of 15 G7-headquartered companies to promote gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.

UN Women, the International Labour Organization and the European Union have joined forces to support sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth in G7 countries. Through the EU-funded programme WE EMPOWER: promoting economic empowerment ofwomen at work through responsible business conduct in G7 countries, we are supporting the active engagement of the corporate sector in a way that aligns with public policies led by G7 governments, and that strengthens and activates multi-stakeholder dialogues.

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  • Ricardo Pacha
    una gran oprtunidad de ser participe muchas gracias 
    • Gloria Wilson
      My point is it has changed and will change once more. I've heard individuals moan about the present while thinking back over "past times worth remembering" that, in actuality, weren't so useful for some my whole life. Every last bit of it. I experienced a lot of gender bias in Washington amid the late 70's, 80's and graduated secondary school in 1980. I have such stunning recollections. In any case, as of late, my visits to the city have discovered it enormously changed and not for better. The smell in the downtown territory is overpowering. It breaks my heart.
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  • Luz Maria Utrera
    Thank you so much! Blessings.
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