Private Sector Engagement with Women's Economic Empowerment:Lessons Learned from Years of Practice

This report describes the lessons learned by a group of major multinationals who have joined the effort to economically empower women through partnerships, research, and innovative programmes that aim to lift economic barriers and bring women into full participation. The aims of this research publication are, first, to encourage other corporations to join in this important global effort and, second, to offer suggestions to the rest of the international community on the role that business can and should play.

Numerous reports from global institutions have established that empowering women economically propels growth and prosperity, while also reducing suffering on a number of fronts. The global gender gap occurs in every nation and all major social institutions contribute to it. All institutions, therefore, must join the effort to close it. Business, as the institution that plays a central role in the everyday operations of the world economy, is an essential participant in this effort. The economic empowerment of women simply cannot be achieved without the engagement of the private sector. If the expected growth benefits are to occur and if the programmes that support women’s successful engagement are to be sustained, then it is necessary to integrate the task of female inclusion into the actual systems of business.
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