Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Implementation Guide

The WEPs Implementation Guide aims to guide private sector institutions in their activities to promote women’s empowerment in their workplaces and industries. The UN Global Compact Turkey Women’s Empowerment Working Group elected to prepare an implementation tool to aid private sector institutions in realizing the empowerment principles, duly establishing the WEPs Implementation Guide Preparation Team.This team conducted the first phase of the guide and provided significant contributions by sharing perspectives and comments on various drafts of the guide together with the UN Global Compact Turkey Women’s Empowerment Working Group Executive Committee.

The WEPs Implementation Guide aims to mobilize institutions and organizations in different sectors and scales to ensure women’s empowerment in their workplaces, fields of activity and social responsibility projects. This guide presents detailed information regarding the principles and steps required for the implementation of the principles once corporate leaders have signed the CEO Statement of Support. This guide, in addition to presenting application methods to the new participants about the principles they have committed to implementing, also contains examples of best practices that will inspire all WEPs signatories to participate more actively in the project.

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