Unpaid Work and Care

The Sustainable Development Goals recognize the importance of unpaid care and domestic work to be provided through public services, infrastructure, and social protection policies, as well as shared responsibility within the household. There is an emerging consensus about the importance of the three interconnected dimensions of unpaid care work - Recognize, Reduce, and Redistribute - to narrow the gender gap which exist around the world. 

Unpaid care work includes services provided to household members for their health, wellbeing, and maintenance, at no remuneration. It included caring for the children, elderly, and ill, and performing  routine household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, fetching food, water, and firewood, among others.

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  • swati singh
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  • Uzoma Katchy
    This will enable women and girls to explore paid opportunities , develop skills that will  help them compete  across borders and improve their livelihood.
    It will  also enable women have a voice and make personal and better decisions.
  • Ajibola Mujidat Oladejo
    Unpaid care is usually very tasking given the physical and emotional stress the care givers go through. It hurts to see it go unrewarded especially in partriarhcial societies. It leaves women frustrated and reduces their self esteem and morale. I am glad this is being looked into.  
    With this policy and compliance, many tenage girls can go back to school. It is a welcome development .
  • Doris Mollel
    its great to see this is being raised 
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