The moral case for investing in schools for crisis-hit children

This article is about my experiences during my most recent trip to Niger in West Africa which gave me an opportunity to see first hand some of the major challenges, this country face. I was quite a life changing experience where I came across many children who were out of school and learning, many displaced youths and most importantly the vast desertification caused by climate change in this region of the world. I worked in close collaboration and consultation with the local World Vision staff in Niamey and Dosso and Doutchi Districts; provided research assistance and collaboration to WV Niger project staff on the mHealth research, investigated the implementation of the mHealth research with the intent of ensuring that the research methodology was being followed; made close contacts with field staff and affected communities in the research areas; contributed to the research and overall project though discussions, networking information, technical information and situation analysis, and paying special attention to the logistics of the research in order to increase efficiency. I also identified and collected any relevant literature in the WV offices and other potential sources, like the WHO office and the Ministry of Public Health in NigerThis experience, in addition to my previous experiences in advocacy and youth participation has given me knowledge and perspective in emergency situations, and an understanding of the importance of developing sustainable community development programs. 
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