The Value of Engaging Women in the Energy Provisioning Process

Women play a pivotal role in energy access and the advantages of involving women as energy providers are manifold, especially in the off-grid lighting sector, where the successful provision of energy services directly impacts the all-round social development and environmental sustainability. In failing to consider the gendered divide in activities that involve energy use would render any intervention or policy ineffective. Therefore, only by understanding and incorporating the concerns and contributions of women in the energy access provisioning process can better policy and programmatic design be developed, to increase access to clean decentralized lighting and cooking solutions, and to create a sustainable energy access solution. It is required that at the policy level, women are recognized as prominent and critical stakeholders in energy projects and their participation at all levels of decisionmaking must be encouraged. Going forward, there is a need for governments to develop gender aware and gender-equal approaches to energy policy that promote cleaner, more efficient energy systems for all.
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