Research on Women Entrepreneurs

Research on Women Entrepreneurs is commissioned by Garanti Bank and conducted by METU (Middle East Technical University) Woman and Gender Studies department. This research evaluates female entrepreneurship under 4 approaches 1. Economic development and growth 2. Increase of women’s participation in the labour market, leads to a decrease in unemployment 3. Improving the welfare of the family and helping families escape from poverty 4. Encouraging women to become stronger and ensuring gender equality
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  • Dr Rejoice Shumba
    Thanks for sharing this report. As a researcher myself, I am interested in women's participation in Entrepreneurship and the impact thereof.
  • Alysia Silberg
    This is absolutely brilliant! I have been putting my own research together. I can't thank-you enough for sharing this.
  • Joy Eze
    Perfect!thank you so much for sharing.This is powerfully loaded and the contents will be of great help to women entrepreneurs and our mentees.Great job keep it up!
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