Launching a National Strategy to Empower Women

This Guide was developed to share the steps taken to launch a Canadian Strategy to Empower Women. It suggests that to begin it is essential to understand the fundamental principles of Women’s Empowerment and to place these principles into the historical and current context of women’s equality and economic empowerment within your country.

This understanding can be achieved by exploring what Women’s Empowerment means to you and your country using the extensive body of work by the joint UN Women and UN Global Compact Women’s Empowerment Principles WEPs initiative and the UN Women-Empower Women Platform for change. Leveraging the vision and leadership of these two distinct yet powerful forces can provide tremendous focus and credibility to your efforts.

This guide shares the six steps taken to launch a National Strategy and the introduction of the Canadian Coalition to Empower Women. Next steps and lessons learned demonstrate the launch is just the beginning. Let your journey begin!
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  • Uzoma Katchy
    Wonderful resource
  • Sheila Crook
    Terrific glad it is of assistance.  Much progress since October 2016.  Entering the next phase of our journey.
  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem
    Thanks for this information.
  • Teresia Shiundu
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource. I have always wondered how i can utilize my skills to empower the women in my community and this i know, will serve as a good guide to start off. Thank you, Terry
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