Voices of Change

Voices of Change is the product of the one-year campaign, ‘I am (wo)man’. Gender advocates from all corners of the world contributed. From the 300+ stories, we selected 57 inspirational photo stories to showcase in this book. This book is divided into eight thematic chapters on women’s economic empowerment issues that are covered in the stories: (1) Footprints: the importance of intergenerational transmission of women’s economic empowerment; (2) Education; (3) Employment; (4) Resources; (5) Socio-cultural; (6) Workplace; (7) Entrepreneurship; (8) Leading Change. As you read each of the stories and reflect on what women’s economic empowerment means to you, we hope you will join us in advancing the Empower Women movement, whether in your community, workplace or the world-at-large.
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  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    How nice it is to inspire others
  • Frehiwot Hailemariam
    It is very nice; we have such opportunities to inspire each other!
  • Thabo Mubukwanu
    Such a great initiative!
  • Michel Choto
    Wow..this is awesome!
  • It is an inspirational book ! Great work! Well done
  • Ana Choza

    Great selection!

  • Joy Eze
    I really need a hard copy of the book Voices Of Changes.
  • Joy Eze
    With our collective voices we can make the world a better place for! Interestin, thanks for sharing.
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