Business Plan for Women Entrepreneurs - How to Start a Business

This book will guide you into the works of creating and managing a business. A business plan is a description of the business you want to start. It is also a plan for how you intend to run and develop it. After making a business plan you will have a better understanding of the business world. The business plan gathers all the bits and pieces from the business preparations and your general life experience of relevance to your business. It contributes to a more well-arranged start-up – beneficial to the entrepreneur, his/her family, personal network, consultants, and sources of finance. You should not see the business plan as the final statement for your business. Instead, you should see it more like a platform from where you gain access to the business world.
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  • Mogens Thomsen
    @Kassoum Coulibaly The business plan is already found in French. Find it at: @Heeshma and @alysia Thank you for the comments and I am happy to the material works to its intention
  • Kassoum Coulibaly
    Very usefull for our African Women entrepreneurship Center (AWEC). I will translate it into FRENCH.
  • Heeshma Chhatralia
    Having worked in laying the foundation for a start-up, I think this resource has very relevant points to start a business.
  • Alysia Silberg
    Mogens, Thank-you for writing and sharing this "How to guide for women entrepreneurs". Having researched a great deal on the subject and regularly interacting with female mentees and startups, I found a great deal of value in it. Thank-you!
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