American Family Values: The Economic Case for Maternity Leave

The United States is one of just two countries in the world, along with Papua New Guinea that does not offer any paid maternity leave. In Papua New Guinea, 59% of men have raped their sexual partners, and 41% have raped non-partners. Studies have shown that countries with low female government representation tend to have higher rates of rape. Women only make up 2.7% of Parliament in Papua New Guinea. In the 2014 Human Development Index, the United Nations examined the life expectancy, literacy, education, and overall quality of life in 185 countries, and ranked Papua New Guinea at 157. It holds the same ranking in the Gender Inequality Index, which measures gender inequality in reproductive health, empowerment and the labor market.2 Every other nation offers some form of paid maternity leave. The United States stands alone with Papua New Guinea.

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