Examining Women's Experience of Sport Participation and (Dis)Empowerment

Sport has demonstrated the capacity to generate positive personal change for girls and women. While it is suggested that women’s participation in sport can empower them and provide a safe place for them to be themselves, sport experiences can also reinforce the traditional gender roles and expectations and make women feel powerless  The inconsistency of outcomes from women’s sport experiences suggests that sport does not automatically result in positive outcomes. Therefore, this study utilizes Zimmerman’s framework of Psychological Empowerment, empowerment at the individual level of analysis, to explore the sport experiences of women and the empowerment processes and outcomes associated with those experiences. By utilizing the framework, this study aimed to examine how sport experiences affected female participants’ daily lives across different life domains and to identify which attributes of these sport experiences facilitated viii women’s empowerment or disempowerment.

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Skills development
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