The Business Case for Women’s Economic Empowerment

Reducing persistent gender inequalities is not only necessary for reasons of fairness and equity, but also out of economic necessity. Greater economic opportunities for women will help to increase labour productivity, and higher female employment will widen the base of taxpayers and contributors to social protection systems which will come under increasing pressure due to population ageing. More gender diversity would help promote innovation and competitiveness in business(OECD, 2011a). The publication discusses key issues related to the under-representation of women in the business sector, including in senior positions and management, and potential approaches to address it, both in business and government. Section 3 explores the role of women on boards, including recent policy initiatives, while section 4 draws some brief conclusions.
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  • joe lie
  • Stanley Richard
    Most of the people of company-funded programs aim to build Women’s  economic popularity by means of increasing employment opportunities, imparting enterprise schooling and making loans or credit more to be had. Buy Essay It is also an opportunity for an organization to illustrate management within the developing Women’s financial empowerment movement and to make contributions to large efforts for the development of Women’s  popularity globally.
  • Sofia Andrew
    More basic money related open portals for ladies will make work advantage, and higher female business will expand the base of nationals and supporters of government handicap structures which will go under broadening weight in perspective of masses creating. More sexual presentation reasonable combination would help impel headway and forcefulness in business
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