HerStory Campaign

Knowledge is both a resource and an investment, and like all other forms of wealth, it is often deferentially distributed throughout a social system. In many areas, information simply does not exist, and where it does exist, it is often sexist. Gender knowledge gaps and biases reinforce the harmful stereotypes and practices, and often misrepresent women and girls, and undercut or undervalue their contributions locally and globally. It is 2016, and we cannot tolerate leaving women and girls behind anymore.

Why does closing the gender knowledge gap and Wikipedia matter?

With a better understanding of the way women and girls live their lives, and the specific inequalities and injustices that hold them back every day, communities can identify the challenges and fix them. Recognizing the contribution of women through history can defy the current stereotypes about women and provide positive models for girls and the world. Gathering and analyzing data makes the invisible women more visible.

Wikipedia editors have real implications on millions of users daily as it the sixth-most-visited website on the Internet and over 1,796,235 sites share links to Wikipedia pages. The emergence of interactive crowdsourced information may help in closing the knowledge gap as essential knowledge and information is now accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and in all corners of the globe. The current content on the Internet is created by everyday people, for everyday people. Closing the gender gap requires first closing the data gap as a foundational step.

HerStory Edit-a-Thon

As Wikipedia compiles what represents close to the sum of all human knowledge, women should be recognized as part of that sum. . Empower Women by UN Women, Wikimedia Foundation, the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, the UN Inter-agency Network on Youth Development's Working Group on Youth and Gender Equality, and a group of volunteer champions are working on enhancing and increasing the content on Wikipedia related to women and gender equality to raise awareness, close the gender knowledge gap, and start changing and editing the future. The initiative aligns with UN Women’s youth strategy that focuses on strengthening the leadership of young women in all spheres, economic empowerment and skills development of young women and promoting action on ending violence against young women and girls. It calls for investing in young women’s knowledge development and young women led knowledge creation.

If you believe in the notion of online collaboration for the greater good and gender equality and have been impacted by an inspiring woman in your lifetime, join our campaign and make them more visible to inspire millions. Help us celebrate HerStory edit-a-thons to close the gender knowledge gap on International Youth Day on 12 August. Our HerStory Group of Champions have already started to compile profiles of women who have made a difference in our history and this work will be highlighted on Wikipedia as well. Join HerStory edit-a-thons to contribute, promote, and celebrate women of the world. Make sure you going to be an agent of this herstorical change.

International Youth Day Event

A series of HerStory edit-a-thons will be held on August 12th, which is International Youth Day in many cities around the globe and online. At the UN Headquarters in New York, the HerStory edit-a-thon will be convening 600 participants to edit and write for Wikipedia. The day-long event will include an opening, a Wikipedia 101 brief tutorial, a full day of writing and editing, featured speakers from our partners, breaks for coffee and networking, and a closing speech.

Edit-a-thons dedicated to this campaign have been organized all over the world to increase the coverage of women's topics on Wikipedia and to encourage more women to edit Wikipedia. These event are supported by Empower Women, the Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, the UN Inter-agency Network on Youth Development's Working Group on s Youth and Gender Equality, the Wikipedia volunteer community, and thousands of volunteers and initiatives from all over the world. Partner organizations and professional volunteers will provide resources, mentors, and technology to help guide newer editors through the process. The knowledge produced will be focusing on recognizing the contribution of female leaders and especially young women, produce articles about the concepts of gender equality and its champions, and offer a youth friendly content about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Reserve a spot and make a difference in NYC and globally


NY Edit-a-thon

Date: 12 August 2016

Time: 9:30 am - 5 pm NYC Time

Address: 46th Street and 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10017. Trusteeship Council Conference Room

Registration here. Contact: Emad Karim

Cairo Edit-a-thon

Date: 12 August 2016

Time: 9:30 am - 5 pm Cairo Time

Address: Gallery Room, the Greek Campus. 28 Falaki St., Bab El Louk, Downtown. Cairo. Egypt.

Register here. Contact: May Hashem

London Edit-a-thon

Date: 11 August 2016

Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm London Time

Address: 4189 Shaftsbury Avenue, London. United Kingdom.

Organizer: ONE

Register here.  Contact: Billy Hill

Chennai, India  Edit-a-thon

Date: 12 August 2016

Time: 02:00 pm - 5:00 pm Chennai Time

Address: The Red Elephant Foundation, Chennai, Chennail. India  

Organizer:  The Red Elephant Foundation

Register hereContact: Kirthi Jayakumar

Hyderabad, India  Edit-a-thon

Date: 12 August 2016

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Hyderabad Time

Address: 6-3-249/3a, Saaz Apartments, 2nd floor, Road No.1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034  

Organizer: Sayfty

Register hereContact: Sammy Sahni

Delhi, India  Edit-a-thon

Date: 12 August 2016

Time: 11:00 am - 02:00 pm Hyderabad Time

Address: Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Delhi 110091 

Organizer: Sayfty

Register here. Contact: Chetna Sabharwal

México City, Mexico Edit-a-thon

Date: 12 August 2016

Time: 03:00 pm - 07:30 pm Mexico City Time

Address: HomeWork Coworking Space. Plaza de la República #9, Piso 1 Col. Tabacalera Del. Cuahutémoc. C.P. 06030 Ciudad de México

Organizer: HomeWork Coworking Space

Register here. Contact: Nelly Andrade

Monterrey, Mexico Edit-a-thon

Date: 12 August 2016

Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Monterrey Time

Address: Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey

Register here. Contact: Monica Lerith Melendez

Dubai, U.A.E Edit-a-thon

Date: 18 August 2016

Time: 06:00 pm - 9:00 pm Dubai Time

Address:In5 Centre, Boutique Villa #7, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Registration: RSVP

Contact: Daria Solovieva

Get Involved

HerStory edit-a-thons

As part of the celebrations of the International Youth Day on 16 August 2016, the HerStory initiative was launched at the United Nations in New York and eight other cities around the world—Cairo,...

Launching the HERstory...

Empower Women in collaboration with Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment: Nelly Andrade, Melanie Bublyk, Hala Bugaighis, Aleksandra Byers, Liz Guantai, Ana Espinosa, Badejoko Fabamise,...

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  • Alice Mbui
    I simply cannot wait to see the steps we take for sharing Her Story
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  • hellen jos
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  • Hellen Rose
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  • hellen jos
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  • jiya joseph
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  • Ogbeyalu Okoye
    #HerStory #MyStory has brought me this far!
    Growing up in Nigeria as a young girl, i was a second class citizen because i am female. I ocassionally heard: females are supposed to do house chores not males, kneel and serve food you are female, don't eat a certain part of the chicken keep it for the male, women are meant to be seen and not heard. Men are engineers,accountants, carpenters, taxi drivers, builders, men are supposed to go to school, obtain a proper degree, women are supposed to stay home, get married off and serve her husband. 
    There was no end to the women being put down and shaped to adhere to the supposed norms and cultures of the society. It was 'OK' to hit women when they talk back to men, it was normal growing up people stood around and cheered for the man, you would hear words like:teach her a lesson , make her bow to your commands. 
    All these i heard and saw growing up. I was one of the lucky few who had a father privileged to study abroad, and also a femist who believed in equal rights , equal education, regardless of if you were male or female and an educated mother who taught it was simply right for all her kids to go to school and achieve great things in life. But the society i grew up in wasn't so and sometimes the society wins because everyone sees it as normal and i became a victim of the society i grew up in.
    I grew up believing that if you were abused as a female , it was always your fault, in a society where women were shamed for being raped and the men would go about their normal lives being seen as heros or another conquest. 
    These experinces has created a path for me to make a positive change in the lives of young girls and women all over the world, to give them a voice , to speak up against gender discrimination, against child bride , against female genital mutilation, against rape and domestic violence, against the gender gap , to believe they can go for the same position as the opposite sex, they can becoime leaders, go to school, learn skills, become engineers, builders, to know being married off for money is wrong. Most importantly to give the coming generation the voice i never had growing up in Africa.
    I started an initiative called WAAD (women in [Africa] around the world Are Diamonds). This initiative focuses on women in developing countries , engaging them in new skills, mentoring in startup businesses , workshops and online seminars and coaching to create a path for them to become economically empowered. We also engage ypoung girls in STEM education and its importance.  
    1 of 1 Replies
  • Anika Subah Ahmad


    #HerStory   #WEE  #EmpowerWomenRally

    "Founder of Maya : Ivy Huq Russell, a Lady who choose the hard way to prove herself”

    A former investment Banker and currently the Managing Director of “Maya”, Ivy Huq Russell founded Maya with a vision to empower women through giving them access to information and a shared community. Maya is a very interesting venture for changing the lives of Bangladeshi women through a realistic approach. She speaks about her initiative Maya, what it takes to become an entrepreneur, state of women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh, and about what it takes to become successful. She strongly believes that by educating a women, you then educate a family and hopes that Maya can contribute to improving society in Bangladesh.
    She started Maya.com.bd solely from her passion to help women in Bangladesh to learn & do the things that matter to them. “When I was pregnant with my daughter, Ameena, I soon realized the importance of having access to useful and trusted information at hand to learn more about my body and pregnancy. I also discovered how useful it was to be able to learn from other women who were going through similar experiences. As I observed the culture around pregnancy in my country I saw there was a huge need, even in the urban society, for quality information but more importantly, a community where women can share their collective wisdom and ideas.
    Ivy further tells about the future plan of Maya, “We are in the process of developing content related to Health, but also more light-hearted topics like beauty and fitness. Another core aspect of Maya is reaching offline groups. We have already built 2 applications for the ‘Digits to All 2’ project and we are working on similar partnerships to run workshops and other offline activities.” After facing a lot of obstacles in the way of her success, she says there is always going to be an easy way – But I guess there comes a point in for many people where they choose to take the hard way instead to prove themselves that they can do it, to feel the immense satisfaction that they won’t otherwise receive if they worked for others. There is something about being an entrepreneur that gives you the feeling that you too can change things and have an impact. You too can influence people with your idea and leadership. The biggest obstacle by far in Bangladesh is people saying that “it can’t be done”. Most people will tell you that you cannot do this and you cannot do that but I took comfort in knowing that all the great entrepreneurs of our time, also went through similar push backs. According to her, the biggest driver to Ivy’s success is her determination, and the mental strength of not letting anyone tell that ‘You can’t do it’ Moreover she thinks that there needs to change in Bangladesh to give women more opportunities to pursue their ambitions and become financially independent so that they can be original in their thinking and do something “out of the box”.
    Lastly for the “young start-up entrepreneurs” she says: “Determination and tenacity are most important factors. The other ones I would point out are to be confident in your idea but also be prepared to learn from your mistakes and from others.”

  • Bongwong Justin
    Great initiative!
  • Elvina Kamalova
    Hello, I have written an article about reducing a gender gap in entrepreneurship. Being born in Russia, and now living in the USA, I have a deep desire to change the current global statistics, and encourage more women to take the ownership of their careers and finances and build services and products which make a positive impact in the world. I believe that together we are strong. Please read my EmpowerWomen artticle below, which will be published on HuffingtonPost in December:
  • Majesté Nkundimfura
    Young 19 years old girl's in fixing water issues at her District

    When Ishimwe Yvette’s family relocated from Kigali to Kayonza District, the experience was overwhelming, making it hard for them to settle in, particularly because the place was dry and had no access to clean water for home use. The challenge was, however, seen by Ishimwe as an opportunity to serve her community and also make some money in the process.

    The Eastern Province is one of the driest places in Rwanda, experiencing long droughts and acute water shortages. Though the water utility has tried to provide clean water to residents, the situation is quite challenging as the long spells of the dry season affect farming and other activities.  Amidst these challenges there is a young and enterprising woman who has become the vanguard of the community, ensuring that her community get access to clean water at an affordable fee. Yvette Ishimwe, the proprietor of Iriba Clean Water Delivery, a water distribution business in Kayonza District, says her business was born out of need to supply her community with safe drinking water, especially during the long dry spells. Ishimwe is inspired by the woman who gave her life. “My mother is my strongest role model. She has worked hard to take care of us and give us an education, and taught values that will help in life,” she said. She says people need to understand their purpose in life to achieve what their heart cherishes. “Most of the people fail not because they are meant to, but they fail to understand their purpose in life. This is a recipe for failure,” she notes.

    When I met this girl before she started her business, I said she will be a leader one day according to her thoughts and ambitions.

    #Her story #EmpowerWomenRally #WEE
  • Majesté Nkundimfura

    The role model of women in leadership,

    Being one of 64% of women in parliament.
    Hon. Louise Mushikiwabo, The minister of foreign affaires and cooperation of Rwanda.

    From the exile to the Parliament,
    Hon. Louise Mushikiwabo
    (born 22 May 1961) is a Rwandan politician who has served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Rwanda since 2009. She also serves as Government Spokesperson. She was previously Minister of Information. Her brother, Lando Ndasingwa, was the only Tutsi minister in the last Habyarimana government, but was killed at the beginning of the 1994 genocide.

     After completing primary and secondary school in Kigali, Mushikiwabo went to study at the National University of Rwanda, in the southern city of Butare, in 1981. She graduated from university in 1984, with a bachelor's degree in English, and then worked briefly as a secondary school teacher. In 1986, she emigrated from Rwanda to the United States, where she began studying for a master's degree in Languages and Interpretation at the University of Delaware. Upon finishing her studies in 1988, she remained in the United States, settling in the Washington, D.C. area. She started her career working for lobbying organizations, before taking a position with the African Development Bank (ADB); as part of her role with the ADB she lived in Tunisia for a short time, and eventually became the bank's Communications Director

    Political career

     In March 2008, Mushikiwabo was invited by Rwandan President Paul Kagame to return to her homeland Rwanda and take up a position in his government. She was appointed to the post of Minister of Information, replacing Laurent Nkusi. Mushikiwabo generally encouraged her colleagues to support freedom of the press, but was also firm in ensuring that the media complied with Rwanda's tough laws surrounding genocide denial. 

    Not only her knowledge and skills she has, She's the role model of women in leadership around the world according to her great work that no body can ignore. Many things changed after Genocide of 1994 perpetrated Tutsi since she got the power and represent Rwanda as the Minister of foreign affairs and cooperation. She is the mother of the Country. She broke the glass ceiling and showed her leadership skills among millions of men and women in Rwanda. Many Rwandan girls are working hard and looking forward to become Hon Louise Mushikiwabo in the future. She's called mother of the Rwanda.

    #EmpowerWomenRally  #HerStory #WEE

  • Lembie Mmereki

    I want to tell the story of my own personal hero. I always love it when we can tell stories of those that are still with us and have not passed on. In this way we let them know that we do not in any way wish to diminish their contributions. That we recognize them and the strides they have made to make it better for us. It also just pumps up the chest a tad bit more, to know that these GIANTS walk amongst us!
    While my list of phenomenal women is a metre long, one name stands out; Dr Gaositwe Keagakwa Tibe Chiepe. Her list of firsts include being the first African female graduate of Bachelor of Science in Zoology & Botany, first Motswana woman to Attain a Master's Degree. This may seem small unless one puts into perspective the fact that this was in 1958, eight solid years before Botswana attained independence from under British rule and in those days it was just unheard of for a woman to pursue education to these extents.
    She became the first Motswana Female Director of Education, contuining on to serve as the first Female African High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Nigeria after Independence and Ambassador to West German, France, Denmark, France, Denamrk, Norway, Sweden and the then European Economic Community. She has served as Minister of (1)Trade & Industry, (2)Mines  & Natural Resources, (3) Minister of External Relations (4) Minister of Education in a political career that span well over 30 years.
    She was a trooper and a champion of women empowerment long before 'empowerment became a 'thing'. Being the lone female face and voice in Cabinet for most of her political career,she carried herself with such grace and total ownership of all that she is. At no point do I recall her sex ever being a discussion point, she was just Dr Chiepe. She retired from government life in 1999, and continues to be active in many social causes.


    Growing up in the cities of Sapele and Warri many years ago. Dr Mrs ERIS JEWO IBI  had a tough life, with her parents and 4 siblings. She struggled to acquire university education. She discovered early i life that women suffered alot and poverty was indeed synonymous with women. At the point of completing her university education and having suffered extreme poverty, she made a resolve to help women live a better life and become economically empowered so that they can at least feed, clothe and cater for themselves and their children.

    She has spent a huge part of her life supporting women to get livelihood sources. In 2010 she founded the WORKING FINGERS INITIATIVE. Though she officially got it registered in 2014.  Working Fingers initiative was founded to mainly drive Women Economic Empowerment and achieve Gender equality. They have over 500 members presently and with fuctional groups and clusters in ,ore than 8 states in Nigeria. Women economic empowerment is done by putting women in groups of 20 in a particular sector and these groups are known as clusters. they have different clusters including the Agriculture and farming cluster and bead making cluster.
    the special support rendered to  women living with HIV and AIDS is worthy of mention.

    The Working Finger Initiative mulyi purpose  coperative society is another arm of the organisation that provides credit facilities for members without collateral and members are able to access seed funds without hassles.
    many members have been able to set up small trade and businesses from the funds gotten from the coperative. The organisation also rries out Finacial literacy and economic management trainings a well as sensitization on the rights of women.

    Till date they have affected the lives of more than 2000 women and they are not showing any signs of relenting or stopping. they keep waxing strong and expanding theior reach.

    She has plans of expanding working fingers Initiative to all 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT and reaching out to economically empower as many women as she can in her life time

    DR MRS IBI is one woman i admire alot because of her resolve and compassion towards lifting women out of poverty.
    Share Herstory, make her known
  • Basant Hussein
    i joined this Campaign since august .. it's really learned me alot about the stories of an inspiring women from all over the world in addition to the way of writing on wikipedia .  
    #EmpowerWomenRally #EWChampion4Change 
  • Wonjeong Chae
    Thank you for wonderful events that will inspire girls and women!
  • Daniel Eze
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.really I believe om\nline collarbouration will help to inspire many women and girls out there!
  • Ayul Samul
     business women with the skills they acquired .
    would be in the position to accomplish her vision of owning a big business just about how to learn more information and networking with people. 
  • Ayul Samul
    Individual women have also made it to be an icon for successful south Sudanese business women. Rose pita 
    The owner of mama Zahra restaurants popularly as mama Zahra proves that women can make a change through small business through her busines she provides job opportunity to many women's including men's. 
    Small business; through her busines she provides job opportunity to many women's including men's beyond employment, she has also set an example of how a south Sudanese women understands the role and important of co-operate social responsibilities. Mama Zahra went extra mile through her commitment to donate food items and feed thousands of people in various hospital in juba south sudan during our recent crisis in December 2013 .
  • Olapeju Okungbowa

    It was Darius Knight  (Table Tennis Star) who said , "you are always in control of your own destiny". Women and girls all over the world, but in spite of personal challenges- 'woman you can make a difference.

    No one else can weather a storm like a woman. We were born with passion, intuition and resilience. We can discern an approaching storm and prepare for it.

    Rise up woman! You can make a difference!
  • Olapeju Okungbowa


    “Oh! I wish you were a boy”…I don’t remember how many times my father said these words to me during my growing up days. I was born into a family of seven and I am the second daughter. I used to wonder if I was ever accepted in the family since I turned out to be a girl while he was expecting a boy. Did I have a choice in determining my gender from my mother’s womb? What was I supposed to become with these words?

    My growing up days was tough. My father rarely paid my school fees without murmuring and complaining even though he was quite well off. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t impress my father. I often overheard him speaking in favor of my younger brother and discrediting my potentials. I grew up with low self- esteem as a result of the words my father spoke to me. As I grew older, I resolved to start speaking words of affirmation to myself and through these words I regained my self-confidence.

    On the twenty sixth of July, three years ago I had my second daughter- a child born in the most dramatic circumstances. My ovulation ceased after I had my first daughter and I couldn’t conceive no matter how hard I tried. Suddenly, I conceived without any medical intervention when my first daughter turned seven. I went through a very challenging pregnancy and birth process that almost claimed my life and on that beautiful day, my definition of a miracle was born. My joy knew no bounds and in my joyful state, I called my father’s brother (my parents had passed since 1999) to inform him of my new baby. To my amazement and disdain, my uncle’s only response to my good news was, “you had another girl?” I wondered if the cycle was repeating itself again. How long will the joy of having a child be corroded because of the child’s gender? Is there something wrong with being a daughter, a mother or a sister? Is being feminine the new disease in town?

    The rejection I faced from my father in my early days gave me a passion to speak for the right of the girl child. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to advocate the rights of the girl child. Even as a child I constantly spoke in defense of the girl child. I started a group for young women and I give attention to nurturing their self-esteem through positive words. Some of them had been battered as a result of what they had gone through. I could feel their pain and rejection because I have walked in their shoes. No one understands the agony of a woman than another woman.   

     Existing pointers in Africa show that the girl child is discriminated against from childhood into adulthood. This practice cannot be allowed to continue in the 21st century. My desire is to remove barriers poised against the girl child through advocacy, education and imploring the government to promote an active policy of mainstreaming a balanced gender perspective in to all programs. This is my passion! This is my calling!





    1 of 1 Replies
  • Munashe Sharon Nyatanga

    Hie everyone. Today is World AIDS Day

    So I wanted to say something

    World AIDS Day is there to rais social awareness

    But as I thought about it for the last few days

    I realsied that a lot of women and children are affected by so many social issues

    My message to you is this:

    We need to do our best to love, support, and protect our women and children

    Women are beautiful

    They are mothers, sisters, grandmothers,aunts, girlfriends, wives

    We should empower women.

    Encourage them to achieve their goals

    Women and children can change the world for the better

    But they need you , they need me.

    They need us to support them

    Today, I honour the women who are my mothers, my friends, my sisters

    And those who are trying their best to have a better life

    Happy World AIDS Day, and I hope you did something for the day to promote empowering women :).
    Share with others if you may. All the best!


  • Munashe Sharon Nyatanga
    https://twitter.com/Royale_Sharon/status/803903094492798976 I have created a pretty cool poster to raise awareness on world AIDS day and will be sharing facts about it at my institution tomorrow. Apart formt hat I will be fundraising for an event for 9March which is the official International Women's Day. What are youguys doing for #WorldAIDSDay? Maybe we could exchange ideas. All the best !
  • Munashe Sharon Nyatanga

    orld AIDS Day is coming up and through out the month we support and acknowledge women and children affected by AIDS on a global scale. Have a look at these facts and how a lot of women and children are affected by this epidemic. I will be making Q-Cards at my institution and will use this as a fundraiser for future CSR Activities supporting women and children. This little Project will run at my university fro 1-7 December just to raise awareness on AIDS. What are you doing to raise awareness on the impact of AIDS towards our women and chilldren?
  • Rasel Madaha
    "Her Story" Tanzania


    Zaituni Mbawala is a grassroots woman entrepreneur who belongs to Twitange group. This is one of the beneficiaries group of AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc interventions. She has been engaged in poultry for the past 10 years. Mbawala has managed to send and meet the expenses of her four children to school. Zaituni has been a breadwinner of her household for the past 18 years because her husband lost his job as an accountant two decades ago.

    As a beneficiary of AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc interventions,  Zaituni secured a loan of Tanzanian shillings 72,000 and transformed her poultry business. Before accessing the loan, Zaituni managed to buy only 3 bags of poultry feeds; following access to the loan, Zaituni can now buy 10 bags of poultry feeds. The outcome of this is that eggs production of her chickens has increased from 4 trays (of 30 eggs each i.e. 120) to 10 trays (of 30 eggs each i.e. 300) a day. Her net profit currently stands at Tanzanian shillings 55,0000 per day. Poverty has been made history and Zaituni’s family will never suffer from hunger; her children will finish up their education.

    There are a few challenges that Zaituni faces in her business. Although, egg production is doing great and is beneficial, broiler production isn’t that much advantageous. In particular, there are times when getting a market for broilers become difficulty. For details, please visit http://www.agentz.org/?page_id=98



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  • Hazel Ziro
    Greatstories from great women. Thank you for sharing. Was really inspired.
  • Mildred Kisiangani
    There is alot of influence in books, a great initiative. Most key women are uncelebrated heroes
  • Bongwong Justin
    Hello world,




    Women Leadership In Biya’s Regime

    Posted by Cameroon post: 11:07 am, March 24, 2015




    By Yvonne Massa Ako

    In politics, just like in other fields of life, women have been relegated to the background while their male counterparts have, somewhat, jealously kept the center and foregrounds.

    Women are hardly given the chance to prove their worth in society. In politics, they are assigned menial roles like cooking and entertainment during political activities.

    At the level of the homesteads, they are relegated to proscribed domestic roles, a situation that strips them off their political voice and potential for leadership. While their men are actively involved in politics, the women are expected only to vote and most often, the party of their husband’s choice.

    But for the introduction of the women’s wing of political parties, women would hardly head the various structures of the party. Even when the political party is headed by a woman, men occupy most of the basic organs of the party.

    There are very few cases of women heading the main organ of a party. Francoise Foning, who died a few weeks to the celebration of this 30th anniversary of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, performed a feat when she beat men in Douala V to head the CPDM section.

    National and international civil society organisations, CSOs, pressed for gender quotas in political organizations at the 2013 Legislative and Municipal elections in Cameroon, compelling the CPDM and other parties, to allow the 30 percent quota for women; resulting in 56 women in the 180-member National Assembly, today – representing 31.11 percent.

    Following that logic, a third of the seats in city halls today are occupied by women. However, women have been leading their wings of the party successfully.

    According to the Fako III WCPDM Section President, Hannah Etonde Mbua; “The issue of male chauvinism is plaguing the society, and women are hardly given the opportunity to voice out their decisions. This is because in the yesteryears, women were not allowed to acquire education in schools. They were restricted from participating in this social activity under the pretext that they had to be trained to become good housewives.

    “Men in the main wing of the CPDM give us the impression that we are a second fiddle; that we are just to animate and cannot take decisions,” Etonde averred.

    The Mayor of the Bamenda I Council, Caroline Bi Bongwa, observes that before democratisation or the re-introduction of multi party politics in the 1990s, she had already developed tap roots in the CPDM and as a committed militant, loyal and faithful to the party’s ideals; she remained and has always remained with the party.

    She added that; “Nobody can compare Cameroon of today and what it was in 1985. The CPDM is celebrating achievements in all the domains of life. I am not an influential personality within the party, even at the Regional or Divisional level, to attempt to count the numerous achievements, but I think it is worth celebrating. I think we should think global in 2015.”

    The Regional Delegate for Women Empowerment and the Family, MINPROF, Judith Moffah, on her part, affirms that, “education and encouragement constantly handed down to women has resulted in more women going to school, engaging in politics and doing business.” The CPDM Government has also committed itself to improving women’s rights across the country; reason why they have partnered with some international bodies and forums concerning women’s rights like the Beijing Declaration Platform for Action.

    The platform has 12 objectives which encourage the empowerment of women from the basic level to be able to make their own decisions and voice out their worries, even in the midst of men.

    The Beijing Platform for action was adopted 20 years ago and has been active in Cameroon. As a result, many women are now active in politics; taking up challenging roles and successfully running them; like the Minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, and the Minister for MINPROF, Marie Therese Abena Ondoa all members of the ruling CPDM.

    President Biya, on February 28, signed a presidential decree promoting Anne Bella Nkotto to the rank of Colonel. Other women in the Cameroonian army, including Pauline Ngaska and Philomene Nga Owona were also promoted to senior positions.

    How Foning Lived And Died by Cameroon Post

    Posted: 4:22 am, January 28, 2015


    CPDM bigwig and Mayor of Douala V Council, Franҫoise Tsopyny Nguiazong epse Foning, gave up the ghost at about midday on Friday, January 23, at the Yaounde Central Hospital, from serious injuries she sustained in a ghastly road accident which occurred the previous weekend around Ebedda on the Yaounde-Bafoussam Highway.

    The Post learnt that Foning had attended a meeting of the Association of Mayors in Yaounde after which she decided to, visit Bafou, her village in Menoua Division of the West Region, before returning to Douala. Unfortunately, at Ebedda near the Sananga Bridge, a commercial motorcycle rider, aka ‘bendskin’, suddenly dashed into the highway from a secondary road. In a desperate bid to avoid a collision, her driver swerved the car, losing control in the process. Foning sustained serious injuries, including a fractured leg and was rushed hospital.

    The Post leant from Foning family sources, that when President Biya learnt of the accident, he instructed that she be evacuated abroad for treatment. A special medically equipped plane was expected to fly out Foning, who is said to be quite close to President Biya and his wife, Chantal. But death struck. Second Ghastly AccidentFonningThis was the second ghastly road accident in less than 10 years, involving the late politician. The first was on the Douala-Yaounde highway, around Mbankomo in the outskirts of Yaounde. Her vehicle was damaged beyond repairs but she came out injured but safe. She was evacuated abroad for medical attention on the instructions of President Biya whom she thanked heartily on her return to Cameroon.

    Foning The Politician

    Foning, who was a member of the CPDM Central Committee at the time of her death, had a very rich political life. She was one of very few fanatical supporters of Biya. Even during the tumultuous 1990’s when multiparty democracy was forced upon Biya, and when many of those passing around for CPDM elites today could not dare identify with the party Foning stuck out her neck for the CPDM. At the creation of the CPDM in 1985, Foning occupied the position of President of the Wouri WCPDM, with Jean Jacques Ekindi as President of CPDM. By then, the entire Wouri Division (Douala), was one CPDM Section. In the early 90s, however, Douala was divided into five sub-divisions and the CPDM had to reorganise the local party structure to march, with each subdivision in Douala becoming a CPDM Section, named as Wouri 1-5 CPDM Sections. Foning decided to instead run for the post of CPDM Section President, and became the pioneer President of the Wouri V CPDM Section, a post she held until her death. As the undisputed leader of Bamileke CPDM elites in Douala, she entered Parliament, for the first time after the 1992 Legislative Elections as one of the CPDM MPs from Wouri and served three consecutive mandates (1992 – 2007).

    Business Woman

    Though Foning was known in the country more in the domain of politics, she was a businesswoman. She has been in business for over 30 years, though officials and militants of opposition parties in Douala had apparently, for political reasons, put question marks behind all her businesses. Her company manufactured motor batteries. She was also into the upholstery business. She was also the proprietor of Dalida Voyage, in the airlines sector that is being managed by one of her daughters. Foning was one of the main brains behind the creation of an association of Cameroon female entrepreneurs and became President. She was also a member of several international associations of business people.She was elected President of an international association of female entrepreneurs which has members on all the five continents. At death, Foning was in her second five-year mandate as President of the Section for Industries at the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce.

    Local Administrators Scared Of Foning

    One of the things which certainly did not go down well with many people, especially opposition militants in Douala, was the way in which successive local administrators (DOs, SDOs, Governors) were so scared of Foning, to the point where they were unable to call her to order even when she violated the law with impunity. DO after DO of Douala V, in particular, was often ridiculed by members of the public for behaving like Foning’s boy. Even Ministers that visited Douala clearly did everything to avoid any confrontation with her at working sessions.

    Queen Mother

    Foning, who died at the age of 67, was a widow having lost her husband many years back. He left behind three children (two females and one male). The lone son, Salomon Tsopgny, was, at birth, given the complete names of Foning’s father. He is a Councillor at the Douala V urban Council. His name appeared in the CPDM list which his mother headed for the 2013 Municipal Elections simply as Salomon Tsopgny, thus many people did not identify him as Foning’s son.Foning was born a princess, as her father was the Traditional Ruler of the Bafou Chiefdom in Menoua Division, West Region. She was later enthroned Queen Mother (Mafor) of Bafou. Outside politics, Foning was known, especially by ordinary women in society, to be very generous. She was fondly called ‘La Mère’ (mother) by many.


    Cameroonian Women Fighting Sexism With Tourism

    In a country that discriminates against women, it’s hard for Cameroonian ladies to find a rewarding career. So some are hitting the road and finding success – via the tourism industry.


    11.08.14 1:40 AM ET BY THE DAILY BEAST



    Brenda and John Mazieno Nkwenti, married for four years with two young boys ages 4 and 2, are currently separated, because John wants his wife to be a housewife – just like the majority of Cameroonian women.

    Brenda, now 34, is currently in tourism school, so she can realize her dream of opening a tourism business in Denmark that introduces Europeans to her beloved country, a lush and beautiful land in central West Africa. It has been ten years since Brenda made the decision to move, first to Holland, thenDenmark.

    Brenda Mazieno Nkwenti

    “There were a lot of conflicts in [our] relationship because of my dreams,” Brenda explains. “He would say, ‘Oh, so you want to be big and stand out. What about me?’” Because Brenda is educated and has been independent since her early twenties, when she was renovating apartments for the Minister of Tourism, she resisted her husband’s demand that she stay home: “I never wanted anyone to make me lose my focus,” she says.

    “It has not been easy as a woman, coming from a Cameroonian background,” she admits. “You find everyone around you just coming out of college and wanting to get married, have kids, and that's the end of it. You have to really look further.”

    Although she received a diploma from a computer institute and had enrolled in the University of Buea, it was nearly impossible for Brenda to find work. She lacked “connections,” and as a woman, faced “a very intimidating situation.” Pressed for details, she adds, “The men want to sleep with you, and if you don't accept, then they will tell you there is no job.” At 24, after four years of humiliating treatment, Brenda decided it was time to leave.

    While the unemployment rate in Cameroon is just 3.8 percent, it turns out that the largest unemployed group – 11 percent - are young, well-educated women who live in urban areas. For men of the same age and educational background, the unemployment figure is just 5.8 percent.

    These women are college graduates who are looking for their first jobs.

    The average time it takes to find that first job?

    About 30 months.

    In a 2013 survey of gender inequities in the West African labor market, researchers found that while 12 percent of men between the ages of 25 and 49 have “high job status,” which includes scientific, technical, managerial, and administrative management jobs, only 3 percent of women with comparable training have access to those jobs. “In Cameroon and Mali, most of the inequalities in access to top jobs are due to discrimination against women,” the report found, noting that “if women are assigned essentially the ‘reproductive’ role, they accumulate less human capital and are steered toward jobs [that] provide a better work-life balance.”

    Forty-four-year-old Agatha Iyok runs her own business, Flora Travel & Tours Co., Ltd., in the coastal town of Limbe, where visitors flock to the black, shiny beaches, covered with volcanic sand. A mother to four boys, Agatha enjoys the self-sufficiency her private business affords and is enthusiastic when pointing her storefront out amid traffic on the main road.

    Unlike Brenda's husband, Agatha's husband, Sammy, backs her career goals. “I feel he is very respectful of me,” Agatha says. “Yes, he is very supportive.”

    Right out of college, Agatha began working at a family-owned business. After 10 years, she decided to venture out on her own as an entrepreneur. She is aware that both personally and professionally, she has been fortunate.

    “Certain positions in Cameroon cannot be occupied by a woman,” she concedes. “It is not written in a book of law, but we are all aware it is a gender issue.”

    Which jobs are seen as not female-friendly? “In Cameroon, I have not seen any woman as [managing director] of a high-ranking bank… In the military services, there has never been a woman general. Cameroon is divided into 10 regions, and each of these regions is headed by a governor. None has ever been headed by a woman.”

    Esther Ayuk, judge of Limbe Court, Southwest Region, and president and founder of the Cameroon Young Jurists Legal Resource Center, says there are signs of progress. “There has been one woman (either third, fourth or fifth vice president) in the five-member bureau of the National Assembly for some years now,” she says, adding that in 2011, women cracked the “very coveted” rank of subdivisional officer, long meant for men only. “There has never been a female MD of a bank in Cameroon; however, a few women head branch offices.”

    And this is where tourism comes in.

    While tourism currently makes up just 3 percent of the Cameroonian economy, according to an October 2013 report by the World Bank, it still provides a new and fresh opportunity for women such as Brenda and Agatha to create their own businesses, or to work as employees. Since the number of annual visitors has almost doubled in the past three years (to 900,000), Cameroon now sees tourism as an important sector of economic growth for the country.

    In a telephone interview, Serge Eric Epoune, head of communications in the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, which supervises the country’s 500 hotels and 1,200 restaurants, says that “nearly 70 percent of tourism workers and entrepreneurs in Cameroon are currently women.”

    Ironically, according to Epoune, there are gendered reasons as to why tourism has become a haven for women seeking employment. “Most of the jobs are naturally suited for women,” he declares matter-of-factly. “The reception - women welcome better than the men. Cooking and taking care of the rooms – this is an industry that is reserved for women. It is a matter of natural disposition.”

    Epoune's perception of women's "natural" place in the workforce is representative of the wider society's perception and indicative of the challenges women face.

    Although the tourism ministry does not keep official tallies, Epoune contends that women are not just being regulated to the wait staff or janitorial duties either; they are increasingly filling managerial positions too. “There are more and more women managing hotels, groups of hotels, and restaurants.”

    Cameroon native Angelle Kwemo, founder of global consulting firm A Strategik Group, agrees that tourism is a major opportunity for educated Cameroonian women. “Tourism is housing, infrastructure, security, parks; it is food,” she says. “And all those places are managed by women.”

    Angelle Kwemo

    Kwemo also believes that encouraging women to take advantage of the opportunities associated with tourism will have an auspicious impact on the country at large. “When you look at how women use their revenue, almost 70 percent supports the family compared with 43 percent of men’s,” Kwemo said, citing the World Bank report. “Therefore, if you empower women, you have the power to empower an entire nation, and data backs that up."

    And so it has been with Agatha. “Tourism has positively changed my life,” she says. “Tourism has built my confidence [and] improved my interpersonal skills.” However, as “a female entrepreneur,” she still has had “a number of difficulties in accessing financing” for her business, which underscores some of the biased decision making that happens when women aren't allowed a seat at the table.

    Still, there are signs of progress. A year after our first interview, Brenda checked in to say that she and John were planning to reunite: “We are trying to make amends for the family and are planning to move back in together. He visits often.”

    But does John accept Brenda the wife and Brenda the professional after two full years of separation?

    “He has accepted everything.”

    And while Brenda is clearly pleased by this new development, she has an even bigger motivation for achieving success: “I'm doing this for my two boys.” she says.


    Her stories

    Interview Highlights:

    Shallot Sima: 15233708_1125664247549944_246488599_o.jpg

    Charlotte vershiyi sima-ah is a female Cameronian aged 38. Holder of a Bachelor degree of arts, speciality History. I am equally a holder of the Secondary and High School Diploma 1st level. I am currently teaching History and Citizenship Education in Government Bilingual High School Nkol-Eton, Yaounde.

    What type of woman is Charlotte vershiyi sima-ah?

    I am an advocate for gender equality and women's rights.I am married with four kids. Shallot Sima: I am an economical empowered woman as I don't only focus on my job as a teacher. I equally own a business that have employed 2 young Cameroonians girls.

    Shallot Sima what has actually inspired you as a career woman with two occupations, teaching and trading?

    What actually inspired me to do business alongside my teaching job was simply that I needed to be a real woman. My culture puts women at the background so I wanted to be a self reliant woman without being a burden to my husband as the case with most African women. I import shows and dresses and sell in Cameroon and that has empowered me economically.

    Also I wanted to contribute my own quarter to the upbringing of my kids. And assist the less privilege.

    Why is empowerment so important in your life as a woman?

    This empowerment is of great importance to me because am no more the "kitchen woman" as the men see women. I am a woman who is able to stand on her feet. A woman who handles and solves issues without whaling.

    I have realised that I can sustain the lives of others like the two girls I have employed.

    Would you recommend women to gain skills and become empowered like you?

    Recommending women to join #empowerwomen of UN Women is just the best thing because, many women are at the base with great talents with no one to help them go up so as to gain the apt training and help empower women at the base.

    The UN is the right body to help women rise and this can only be through such programs like women empowerment.

    INTERVIEW WITH Vicky Ngamsha



    Hello meet Vicky,

    Unless you have travelled through life in vicky’s shoes, you cannot tell exactly what it feels like.  It has been a long journey from a mud built hut in a little village in Cameroon, West Africa and growing up with the challenges that resulted in the death of vicky’s brothers and sisters and without her mom and dad to where her life is now.


    Motivational speaker Director at Rosa Verla  CIC UK / CEO at Rosa Verla Foundation Cameroon/ Music Writer/ Singer/ Actress/and trainer Vicky Ngamsha  is based in the UK. She is a role model, an Award winner and achiever.

    A passionate and unstoppable woman capable of changing lives of negative minded individuals to become more positive and work towards achieving their dreams. Vicky draws upon her life experiences to help people to overcome challenges and become free of limiting beliefs. Her experiences include her childhood growing up in Africa, funding her education and spending 11 years as a Nun! Followed by her move to the UK in 2001 and the challenges and success this has brought. Listening to Vicky’s life stories will leave you inspired and uplifted. Her determined nature will motivate you to have faith, patience and hope. Her passion is to help people to realise their opportunities and achieve their goals. Vicky is a gifted, multilingual communicator.

    We are proud to have you vicky as a woman that has faced marginalization but yet you are a shining star. So can we know more about you experience?

    I started from very humble beginnings coming from one of the poorest West African families. I was born into a family of ten. Tragically, death snatched the lives of six of my brothers and sisters including twins. At the age of 6, I witnessed my malnourished baby sister Gysela dying in mother’s arms at our home as mother could not afford nutritious food to save her from malnutrition as well as pay for her hospital bills.

    I was marginalised as my mother was accused of witchcraft. When I was 9 years old, mother went to a funeral and as soon as the coffin was lowered down into the grave, someone pushed her inside the same grave and insisted that she be buried alive with the corps since she was accused of being a witch. Some people helped pull mother out of the grave and she came back home devastated. Mother cried her eyes out. I was the only one at home and watched my mother cry for days going without food. I saw the suffering of my mother and suffered with her.

    Although I was just a kid I had to learn how to comfort her and had no choice than to look after my mother. She was all I had and I was everything she had at that moment as my daddy had long disappeared from our home and the community rejected her after the death of my sister ( who suffered malnutrition). When Gisela died, gossip spread rapidly that my mother had sold her baby (my baby sister) to the witches in exchange for insects called locusts. Locusts came in their millions and consumed most of the crops on Nso land that same year. The community believed so much in Witchcraft and it was the talk of the entire Nso community. They sang mother’s name in songs and this was the talk of every household in our land. My elder sister was 10 and I was 8 years old when we were both abused by a neighbour at different times. At the age of 15 a 70 year old man dragged me into the forest and in his attempt to rape and take my life, some hunters saved my life.

    After completion of my primary Education, I was presented with a gardening tool by mother as she could not afford to pay for my secondary education. Aged 11, I refused to limit myself to the gardening tool and decided to travel for miles on foot in search of people to help me achieve my dream of being educated.

    Tell us about your position in the society in terms of civic social responsibility?

    As a UK based motivational public speaker, I am passionate about helping businesses, young people and individuals to refrain from limiting beliefs, negative thinking and work towards their dreams in life. It is possible; if I can do it then you can do it. My Mission is to reach out to the world, touching the hearts of those demoralised, to motivate and inspire them with practical and personal examples of true life stories.

    Unless you have travelled through life in my shoes, you cannot tell exactly what it feels like.  It has been a long journey from a mud built hut in a little village in Cameroon, West Africa and growing up with the challenges that resulted in the death of my brothers and sisters and without my mom and dad to where my life is now.

    You have  inspired the world today through her foundation and what are you  trying to solve?

    Rosa Verla C.I.C is an active company incorporated on May 1, 2016 with the registered office in West Midlands, United Kingdom. The name Rosa Verla is that of my late and beloved mother. Therefore this company was named after her to honour her for her love and struggles. I am advocating on many issues:

    • Women Empowerment

    • Mental Health and Stigma

    • Domestic Violence

    • Importance of Education

    • Demands and

    • challenges of family life

    • Cultural integration in the community

    • Volunteering

    • Abuse in young Children and Adults

    • Fight Against Poverty

    • Improving relationships

    • Making firm choices in life

    • visit:http://rosaverla.com/about/


    We wish  to know more about your  projects achievements as a woman fighting to make the world a better place?

    See her community engagement projects.



    Cameroon projects by Vicky Ngamsha in different places. Videos and testimonies.







    A Visit to Tavireir University.  Very humbling to have such welcome from the women dance group. Thank you to my mothers.





    Videos of Kikaikelaki Library. A success story.







    • Munashe Sharon Nyatanga
      Looks like Cameroonian women have made some great strides really. I cant sya the same for women in my country of origin ( Zimbabwe). I mena, they are there ofcourse, but we could always do better. It would be great if you made a report t=or shared links on how Cameroonian women have come this far. its really inspiring. Thank you 
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  • aderemi bamgboye
    Women have contributed to history but this is never mentioned. Here is a link to some women achievement that was never acknowledged. http://m.motherjones.com/media/2013/10/ada-lovelace-eight-inventions-women-erasure-credit
  • Krystallenia Panagiota Manavi
    The fact that women are almost never mentioned in history books, and their achievments stay hidden, is something that definately needs to change!!!!It is now the time to show what we can really do!!!!
  • Olga Rajchikj
    What a great initiative! I just hope that this inititative will also take place in Macedonia in near future! Looking forward to hear/read the results from this campaign!
  • Mwiche Simasiku
    YES!! Key words, 'START CHANGING AND EDITING THE FUTURE!' I couldn't agree more.
  • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
    Very phinomenal!!!!!
    I must commend the efforts of the great team!!!
  • Basant Hussein
    very good campaign.. i learned alot from it :)
  • Ramota Adeyemi
    Inspiring and awesome
  • Bongwong Justin
    This is awesome!
  • Betty Mbithi
    Her Story is an inspiration to many women out there.It is representing many women voices.
  • Uzoma Katchy
    This is a notable venture. Hero or 'SHEROES' unsung are those women who have impacted their families and communities quietly. The women that have gone through untold  experiences to see that their children  have better and  equal opportunities with others irrespective of their gender. Women, who have overcome and still striving to overcome cultural  biases against their economic pursuits.
    Women who have refused to be silenced  but spoken out against injustices meted  out to them and their peers. 
    SHEROES UNSUNG, are usually seen not in the public domain but in unusual places. 
    HerStory,  will be a worthwhile venture that will bring these women to the fore, honour them and recognise their various contributions.  It will also inspire other women and girls to  strive to reach their various goals. 
    It is both refreshing and inspiring to see women participating in the promotion of gender equality. However, we still need to reach out to our friends and colleagues, who are still stuck with the archaic idea that wmen should only be seen and not heard, and make them understand that, the voice of every woman counts.
  • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
    Knowledge is power. 
  • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
    This is a good one. 
  • Juliet Odhiambo
    I think this is a great idea...still grappling with which stories/women have Wikipedia worthy stories. Don't know if that is from my lack of exposure to them (which I guess makes the project worthwhile) or it's from the fact that they're not there or those that I can think of are already well celebrated
  • Ijeoma Deborah Egbom Okechukwu
    I come from a family of 7, 5 girls and 2 boys. Where I come from, giving birth to mainly girls is seen like a plauge that has befallen the family. Infact my parents were regarded as having just 2 kids and these were the boys! Really it was that bad! My Parents (Thanks to God) were people who strongly believed in education for the Girl Child. Now my youngest Sis is the first  Doctor in my hometown, I am the first female farmer who produces raw materials in large scale quantity. And my other Sisters are their own bosses. In other words, I am one who strongly believes in the education of a Girl Child, we can fit into any role, we are the Mother, Provider, Bread winner,Advocate,Police,Army, Engineer etc just name it. #HerStory initiative ....What a great way to give voice


    • Munashe Sharon Nyatanga
      I find it so incredible that we still dont count as women in some places despite the development we say we have and the progress we claim. More and more women are actually becoming the bread winner like you said, and we are the backbone to families. We can literally do it all. I've become a strong believer in the fact that " Sometimes it's the woman's passion and fierceness that scares people away.How can one himan being be this strong, this enduring, this motivated yet we all have our bad days. It's the unwavering strength she even has for others and the good that she can bring to them that intimidates them instead of them seeing the beauty in that" , but we keep on keeping on and we will definitely not only shar eour own stories, but other women's stories too. So glad i cam across your post #HerStory all the way !!
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  • patricia omo sukore
    Women are the bedrock of the society. Imagine a world without a feminine touch, it would have been a colorless one. The technological advancement we have today would definitely not have been possible without women. Even though a woman is not directly linked to an advancement in the world, she might be the mother of a prospective inventor, silently urging her child on, or, the wife of a president - giving the husband administrative advice because she is a great administrator at home. Women needless to say, recieve little or no credit for their blood-sweat effort.p
  • Melinda Nyaradzo Chakurira
    Thank you so much for this great initiative,#HerStory,...my story......
  • Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie
    My name is Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie. I am a Cameroonian Geologist and Gender Ambassador for the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) the Netherlands since 2003. I am now based in Tanzania since 2011 and have established the Salama Heritage Ecovillage (SHE) Tanzania as a Tanzanian based NGO to promote Sustainable Livelihoods, Sustainable Development and Resilient Community Building in Tanzania and beyond. I am writing a book entitled "Following the Foot Path of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere". During the research of my book, I found out that the voices of  women at the top end of Tanzanian politics has been very silent over the years. I also started investigating the lives of the wives of Tanzania past Presidents and discovered they too have placed a significant role especially within the aspect of children and women  empowered yet these voices seem to be  absent. I am now working on a series to bring out the voices of Five Tanzania First Ladies and the First Tanzanian Female Vice President and promote their achievements and efforts to children and women empowerment in Tanzania. I shall be happy to share my findings to Her Story.
  • Zanele Xaba
    I love #HerStory  campaign,  because it raises the awareness about how girls and ladies can do it! tha

    It is about time that women get recognised for what they have earned.

    I fully support this campaign 
    • Markson Ajiamah
      Yes, we must find solution to the problems ravaging the society.
      it all starts with recognising the 'place' and importance of women in the society because of the role women play.

      Very vital role.

      Thank you.
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  • Munashe Sharon Nyatanga
    I love the #HerStory initiative. I drpped out of school at 17 as I couldnt afford it at all and I am also fatherless, so being part of the minorities definitely had its toll on me , to the point I thought I could only get out of it by getting married so that I could have some sort of security perhaps, but fortunately that didnt happen and today I am a senior at my university in Thailand and I am a Laureate Ambassador as well to 80 universities. I find so much passion in trying to find alternatives to help women get easier access to basic education despite coming from either 3rd world countries or societies that have no regard for women's strength.  The first step is to definitely share their stories and to see how some of these women have done so, so I wil be sharing blogposts as well on my profile as I compile stories from women who have faced some of the most harsh conditions , but we all have our stories and hopefull you guys will be encouraged by them
    • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
      Twice, I almost dropped out of school because as an orphan, I belonged to everybody but in real sence of it, I belonged to nobody.
      Time to pay school fees was always the most trying periods of my life.

      I know how it feels.

      Thank you for the great idea.
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  • Tinuola Aina
    Great move on gender equality. How do I access the compilation of profiles from this global event? Any link or referral? @empower_women
  • Markson Ajiamah
    Thank you very much.
  • Luisa Freyre
    During my adolescence and youth, had economic hardships, finishing high school, I entered the University and did my law studies, working and studying concluded. After marrying and having two children I continue to work and got my master's degree in Public Administration. I pulled away by infidelity being unprotected by economic violence against me by my ex husband. So I decided to take my life under my responsibility doing what I like: Working for human rights of women from a gender perspective. I am empowered, I was lucky, because for more than 10 years I have dedicated myself to what I like and sow a grain of sand to the other, under the ticker sisterhood. Thank you
    • Munashe Sharon Nyatanga
      I relate so much when it comes to facing economic hardships and finishing school. I am actually a high school drop out but I managed to get into university as I had my IGCSE atleast, which i am grateful for. My concern as a woman is based on how educational access is already difficult for youths today in 3rd world countries and societies where women are consicered to be part of the minorities, and when I look at women like you and me I think of what a tragedy it would have been if we hadn't pulled through
    • Shantel Odidi
      Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad you were able to overcome.
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  • Rahma Tamam
    Hi all my powered women, I'm a Volunteer over many organizations and local NGOs, Hope to make the ever use of every thing I see concerned empowering women. I'll be happy If we communicate together as a social activists who are welling to empower women and get best life way to their children. waiting for you all to co operate and do it better.
  • Camelia Boban
    Hi all, we are also part of this event with our virtual editathon in Italy, organized by WikiDonne (italian user group involved in women's issues and gender gap on italian wiki projects) and LazioWiki (user group involved in wiki activities in Rome and Lazio) and promoted by Wikimedia Italia and Toponomastica Femminile associations. Italy, online Edit-a-thon Date: 12 August 2016 Time: 15:30 pm - 11:00 pm Rome Time Address: online Register : no registration is needed. Organizer: WikiDonne, LazioWiki Promoter: Wikimedia Italia, Toponomastica Femminile Contact: Camelia Boban mailto:camelia.boban@gmail.com You find us here: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progetto:WikiDonne/Her_Story. Thank you, Camelia
  • reem mahmood
    hi, is it available online ?
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