Why Empower Women?

Because we believe that when women and girls have an equal opportunity to learn, grow and connect with others, they will be able to realize their fullest economic potential. Because your voice matters and every idea counts. By working together, we can help build a better world for all.

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Together we are creating ripples of change!

What Are The Benefits?

Global network of change agents

You have an opportunity to connect with other social innovators, advocates and agents of change for women's economic empowerment.

Champion for Change Programme

Apply to our competitive biannual programme and transform your ideas into concrete impact, and take your career to the next level

Over 2,500 Resources

From white papers to videos, we offer unparalleled content, cutting-edge research and learning resources for your growth and development

Opportunities and events

Access a range of crowdsourced opportunities that can help you grow, give back to your community and enrich your career

Discussion forum

Our highly interactive discussion board engages members on issues ranging from women's individual empowerment, to broader legislative and policy change 

Worldwide recognition

Many of our members are heavily involved, acknowledged and awarded for their contributions

How Do I Get Started?

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