Business Development

This course has 4 modules that focus on a range of business-related topics to help you on your way in starting and growing a business.

  1. Business model: You will learn how to create your own business model. I will walk you through step-by-step each component of the Business Model Canvas. I will also motivate you to prototype and test your products/services before you take it to market, and to register your business.
  2. Marketing: You will learn about the seven (7) Ps of marketing and get an introduction to the concepts of segmenting, targeting and positioning that are key for your marketing strategy
  3. Sales and customer acquisition: forthcoming.
  4. Finance: forthcoming

Introduction to your trainer, Esther

My name is Esther and I am an entrepreneur in the Kiambu County in Kenya. I will be your trainer for this course on Business development

I started my adventure by selling pumpkins from my garden to support my family and send my three children to school. I was barely making money enough at that time. Then, I started thinking how I could grow my company and develop a brand, while at the same time being more efficient, sell more and ultimately earn more money for my family.

After trying a number of different ways, such as reducing the price and staying at the market longer hours. I was tired since none of them worked. I needed a different solution and I finally came across some learning material that I would like to share with you. It is based on an iterative methodology that encouraged me to test my ideas, prototype and engage with customers to make sure my company would be successful. In fact, this solution helped me start my company, grow it and employ other women in my neighborhood.

Today, I have a registered company employing 10 women and 2 men. I have made a commitment to myself to ensure that my company becomes a good practice example in my community as a gender-responsive and socially responsible business. The women employees are trained on leadership skills so that they can progress within the company. Together, we grow the company, the workforce and our income (for both the company and the workers). And as such, we help create a better life for everyone in the community.

However, successfully growing my company has not been luck or coincidence. My success so far comes from my passion for my business, hard work and many sleepless nights. However, without a clear structure for my business, all the passion and hard work in the world would not have been enough. This is why I am taking the time out from my business to show you how I did it. And, I know that, if I could be successful woman entrepreneur, any women around the world could become equally successful.

I will walk you through this training programme and while doing so, I’ll share my own experience in the different areas.

While you can read each chapter independently, we advise that you read them in order. To make most out of this course, I would recommend that you test your learnings immediately after you finish each chapter. Take your time in reflecting on what you learned, take notes of your questions and discuss with a friend or business partner how you could bring the lesson into your business development process. You can also email us at

There is a Korean proverb that says: “starting is the half the task”. It comes from the fact that we often believe that the task is more difficult and daunting than it actually is. In reality, we can get it done with less effort and time than we originally imagined. So, keep in mind that starting is the hardest part.