The 2020 G7-EU WEPs Award

United States of America

UN Women is organizing the 2020 WEPs Award for companies in G7 countries and in the European Union. The Award will recognize WEPs signatories’ exceptional championship of gender equality within their organizations and networks.  

Companies are encouraged to nominate themselves for the Award and deepen their engagement with the WEPs community, a global peer network of almost 4,000 companies and business networks. To Apply to the Award, read more here

For additional insight, please refer to the list of Questions and Answers below.

Q & A's:

  • Is there a fee for participation in the 2020 WEPs Award?
    No. Participating in the 2020 WEPs Award is free. 

  • Is there a fee for joining the WEPs Community?
    Becoming a WEPs signatory is free. However, if you would like to make a donation to UN Women, please indicate that in the WEPs application form.

  • Do I need to be a WEPs signatory to apply?
    Yes, to be considered for the Award you need to be a WEPs Signatory. If you are not yet a WEPs Signatory, you have time to join the WEPs community up to one week before the deadline. Read more about becoming a signatory here.

  • How do I create a Company Profile Page?
    Please see our guide on how to complete your company profile page here.

  • When is the deadline to apply?
    The deadline is 19 November 2020 by midnight EDT.

  • Who can apply?
    All organizations that have signed the WEPs can apply. Any individual from the organization can enter the Award on behalf of the organization.
    All organizations with offices in the European Union / G7 are eligible to apply.

  • What are the G7 countries?
    Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • What are the European Union member states?
    Kindly see the full list available here.

  • Can I nominate my organization?
    Yes, you are encouraged to nominate your organization. Please make sure that a member of your executive team will be able to receive the award on 10 December 2020.
Photographer & Videographer Credit: WE EMPOWER G7
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  • alisha kihn
    I appreciate you sharing this information. I will visit your website often.
  • quitzon sandy
    The strength of working together may be seen in the fact that UN WOMEN WEPs are responsible for awarding all of the 2020 G7-EU prizes. Both BPW Europe and BPW Canada were awarded the prize for "Best Network."
  • Loskida Middeda
    The power of collaboration: all of the 2020 G7-EU prizes assigned by UN WOMEN WEPs. The Best Network Award went to BPW Europe and BPW Canada.
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