Let’s stand with #WomenInScience today and every day!

The United Nations, partners worldwide, women and girls will mark 11 February as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. On this day let's consider how to use science  to unleash the power and potential of women and girls to thrive - economically.

Why STEM? Participant from "Space for Women" Expert Meeting jointly organized by UN Women and UNOOSA are sharing their experience. More information about the event here.


UN Women's Empower Women in partnership with University of California, Quantitative Biosciences Institute bring you a series of inspirational videos to celebrate the 2018 International Day of Women and Girls in Science. 

#WomenInScienceDay with Seemay Chao


#WomenInScienceDay with Tejal DesaiSome  



#WomenInScienceDay with Judy Sakanari




#WomenInScienceDay with Christina Bulman


#WomenInScienceDay with Emma Gunderson


#WomenInScienceDay with Michelle Arkin


#WomenInScienceDay with Arnum Glasgow


#WomenInScienceDay with Rada Savic



#WomenInScienceDay with Melanie Ott



#WomenInScienceDay with Myriam Chaumeil

Photographer & Videographer Credit: UN Women and Quantitative Biosciences Institute
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