#BreakTheGlass: Next Generation of Digital Innovators


As a young woman in computing and technology, my story and journey through an academic and professional career serve as an inspiration for other young girls and women in STEAM roles. To date, I have aspired to make a positive change by improving the lives of girls and women in developing countries using digital technology and innovation.

At a young age, I was exposed to STEAM concepts and the more empathic side of the design and development of digital technology. Fast-forwarding to later in my career as a Senior UX Designer and Post-Doctoral Researcher, I became motivated by the notion of designing digital technology for social good. Specifically, with the lack of gender diversity I observed and experience, particularly with immigrant women, I set out to explore and advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in developing countries. I then explored how informatics and new media can improve and empower the lives of individuals from the most vulnerable sectors of society, including women and children immigrants. This empowerment can capitalize on economic growth, enabling young girls and women to benefit from technological transformation and become the next generation innovative digital thought leaders.

Today, my research agenda includes the UN Millennium Development Goals such as Achieving Universal Primary Education and Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women. Thus, I promote advancing the opportunities for STEAM education which includes creating digital technologies to generate awareness, inspire and excite young girls and women to pursue successful technology-related careers.

Photographer & Videographer Credit: Rojin Vishkaie
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