Arruyo a Successful company of Argentine Women


Mother and daughter hand in hand on their way to success

"Having a good business idea is just the first step".

Guadalupe Fernández and Nilda Ballarella, her mother, are the founders of Arruyo, a brand dedicated to the manufacturing of children´s linen, accessories and educational toys which nowadays is a successful project that gained a position in children´s products market in Argentina.

Nilda and Guadalupe are mother and daughter. Both are women with different experience and aptitudes but who shared not wanting to be limited to working in an employment relationship. In 2011, Guadalupe became a mom and that convinced them to star working together and launch an undertaking dedicated to children´s products.
"We realized there were a lot of baby clothes in the market. So we decided to throw ourselves into children´s linen", Nilda tell.

Nilda a years of experience in marketing and as a management-trainer, and her family heritage has given her a talent for dressmaking. Guadalupe had artistic capacity for creation and all the motivation needed to make a business thrive.

"We realized we made a good team", Guadalupe tells.

First steps

In the year 2011 the brand named Arruyo was born, a business dedicated to the making and marketing of baby linen. They started slow, sewing exclusively according to orders from friends and acquaintances.

From the start, Guadalupe and Nilda werw sure they did not want a physical shop. Sells would only be made on the internet. "We tried with different means, among them, we created a Facebook page for the business", Guadalupe tells.

Slowly, the business started to grow. Digital platforms begun to give them their first costumers and then thanks to recommendations and good feedback, their sales multiplied. Seeing that Facebook gave them satisfactory results, they decided to lead new and old customers to their page so that they could keep informed about new products, promotions and discounts.
In order to consolidate their business and gain new clients, Guadalupe and Nilda started organizing draws two or three times a year on special dates such as Children´s Day and Mother´s Day. Additionally, Guadalupe decided to take training in digital marketing.

"I learned that a high-quality photo, along with an accurate description, using the right amount of characters is very helpful when it comes to catch the eye of my market and therefore increase our sales" Guadalupe tells.

Their brand abroad

Currently, Arruyo is consolidated in Argentina´s market of children´s products. Mother and daughter managed to run a business and form an excellent work team. They even managed to sell abroad taking their brand to Chile, paraguay, Uruguay, Spain, United States and Mexico.

Nilda and Guadalupe live from the income their project makes and sells and grows a little more every day. "Having a good business idea is just the first step. To achieve success it is necessary to team up with tools that can help you to realise it".

To know more about Arruyo visit their Facebook page.

Photographer & Videographer Credit: CDamianos
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