Shaping the Digital Change: Award to UN Women's Empower Women


The UN Women Germany National Committee  together with the Apfelbaum foundation and the city of Bonn honored UN Women's Empower Women during an opening award ceremony at the all day thematic international symposium. Empower Women is an online platform that aims to provide women worldwide access to information, networks, mentoring programs and web-based learning opportunities. Anna Fälth, project manager, presented the initiative and gratefully accepted the award. 

Karin Nordmeyer, chairwomen of the UN Women Germany National Committee welcomed the guests and emphasized how important it is to include women in the digital change: “In a increasingly digital work-environment women need access to internet, continuing education and employment. Digital competencies and interconnectedness are key to women's economic empowerment in the labor force”.

Angelica Maria Kappel, mayor of the city Bonn, stressed the importance of economic support of women at the location of Bonn: “The topic of gender equality is gaining increased importance in Bonn. In order to further focus on goal 5 of the International Development Goals, gender equality, we initiated the network “Gender@International Bonn” two years ago.”

In a video message Thomas Silberhorn, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, explained: “Germany has put women's digital inclusion on the agenda of the German G-20 presidency. Here, we have fostered cooperation between UN Women, UNESCO, the International Telecommunication Union and the OECD enabling the platform #eSkills4girls. These, and other initiatives, will have the most impact if women have access to the necessary information and if they are able to connect with other women. Empower Women is the only platform that promotes both”.

“Worldwide women are 12% less digitally connected compared to men. In developing countries it is even 31% less women” , says Franziska Kreische of betterplace lab. The project manager presented the results of her research journey and recommendations from her study “Bridging the digital gender gab”. Women do not only need more female role models, but also secure digital spaces as well as region-specific solutions, which reflect their life and workplace realities.

Anna Fälth, project manager of “Empower Women” accepted with great gratitude the 10.000€ worth award, inspired and financed by the Apfelbaum Foundation. “Our mission is clear: with Empower Women we would like to encourage women and to become active and advocate for the gender-inclusive change in their environment. For this we provide the resources and a global platform, making networking and exchange possible. Over 500 mentors from 76 countries are using the platform already” said Fälth.

Photographer & Videographer Credit: UN Women Germany

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