It Starts With You Walking the Walk


I remembered when I received the email from Empower Women last year, I was in shock. I asked myself, what did I do right for them to select me? But I realized that perhaps there are many women around the world that feel like me - how can I do this if I have so much to learn? However, if I am to empower women, it has got to start with me walking the walk. Thus, I received the nomination with great joy and honour.

As the nomination setttled in, I asked myself what could I do to empower women in my own beautiful country Singapore? Isn't all women here given equal rights and opportunities as I have perceived it for many years? This started my exploration journey into how I can serve underprivileged women (it was a shock to me to find out that there are many of them in Singapore).

A networking session led me to meeting the Executive Director of Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) whose beneficiaries are underprivileged women from minority races in Singapore. We connected fast as we both feel the same about providing more opportunities to this specific audience in order for them to grow and leap.

I suggested workshops and training sessions after hearing what these women need. The main focus was to enable them to get a chance with prospective employers so that they can earn a living and sustain their families. From this exercise, I received a rare opportunity for me to attend a dialogue session with the first female Parliament Speaker Singapore, Madam Halimah Yacob. I am very inspired by her attitude and perspectives about life and her dedication to serve. 

Overall, my experience as a Champion allowed me to connect with different women networking groups, create conversations and build channels of collaboration. I really loved seeing women coming together to benefit more women!

Photographer & Videographer Credit: Cassandra Nadira Lee
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  • Scholastica Njozi
    I have learn from you, great work
  • Robert Michira Oichi
    You are an inspiration to many Cassandra! Well done!!
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    What a wonderful journey
    • Cassandra Nadira Lee
      Yes it is, and I am continuing to do so. I would like to consider myself women and children empower-er!!
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  • Grace Pisirai
    Well done!!
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  • Sounds like a wonderful journey and I hope you continue your great work :) 
    • Fantastic! I look forward to reading more :) 
    • Cassandra Nadira Lee
      Yes Natalie, I am. Now expanding to parents and children. Will be sharing more when the actions and results are produced.
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