Entrepreneur Becky found success – after she couldn’t find a job


Nutritionist Becky Caballero couldn’t find a stable job, so she decided to create one for herself. But it wasn’t that easy. Becky, from southern Mexico, struggled from the start with a lack of funding, no knowledge of how set out a business plan and tax and legal issues.

Nevertheless, she persevered. She found support from her friends; she enrolled in a business incubator and she kept trying.

Now, running her successful business “Nutrido” where she helps her clients improve their quality of life she says: “The idea to have a business of my own was always my main motivation to be an entrepreneur; but my biggest motivation was the fact of not being able to find a stable job. That was the most important reason I decided to focus on my own venture and convert it into the stable job I was looking for.”

As well as producing diet plans and producing and delivering healthy food, Becky has created jobs for other women.

She believes that when you are running a venture you always face obstacles but the most important thing is to see them as opportunities. She says she has learned from her mistakes, and from taking advice from experts. And she advises other would-be entrepreneurs to surround themselves, as she did, with people who can help to innovate.“My recommendation for any woman that decides to run a venture is to choose something you feel passion for, seek the advice and help of the right people. The things must follow their way but that does not mean that you must give up. Every venture has a timing but you have to work on creating that timing. Don’t let other people change your ideas, look for feedback but keep loyal to what you think. If you love what you are and you are aware of the paw print you leave in the society, you will always find a way.”

Photographer & Videographer Credit: Becky Caballero

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