Women’s Health Tech Weekend Generates New Solutions for Women's Health Issues


The first Women’s Health Tech Weekend, a hackathon organized by UPWIT (Unlocking the Power of Women in Technology) in partnership with Crossing Connection Health, Comnaction and Merkaz, took place in March. The event, which was held in São Paulo on the 11th and 12th, during the week that celebrates the International Women’s Day, aimed at discussing and co-creating technological solutions related to women’s health through the strengthening of diversity, and a 30-hour collaborative marathon with lectures and activities to assist teams in proposal construction.

The hackathon was conceived after perceiving the need for a more targeted look at women’s health, taking into account that, most of the time, women are responsible not only for their own care, but also for their entire family. Some of the topics covered during the event were Body & Sexuality, Reproductive Health, Pregnancy & Maternity, Menopause and Mental Health. Among the 150 attendants, there were entrepreneurs, web-designers and software developers, supported by experts in user-experience, business, innovation, gender and health. About 80% of the attendants were women.

Photographer & Videographer Credit: UPWIT

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  • milan joy
    I have already heard about the First Women’s Tech Weekend and happy to know about the solutions generated from this Health Tech regarding women’s health issue. Lots of officials are gathered in this meeting and good to hear the views about women’s health in various categories from the officials.Shared Office Spaces in Chennai
  • caroline nyakeri
    Nice to see men too passionately involved in this. What a nice way to demystify women's health issues while empowering them regardless of age.
  • Uzoma Katchy
    Good initiative 
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