Ana Victoria: Driving Economic Empowerment for Women


In Mexico, there are a few resources women can reach. Some of them are: Investment funds, credit loans and government support. However, none of them identify the problem and provide solution to increase women's economic empowerment, except for Victoria 147 (V147).

Victoria 147 is a women-focused
 business accelerator in Mexico, led by Ana Victoria García Álvarez. It is the first e-commerce platform that selects and sells products made by women entrepreneurs in order to help them succeed and boost their economy. Ana Victoria serves as mentor to several women and dedicates most of her time providing workshops or talks on how to empower women in Mexico.

Ana Victoria founded V147 in 2012 with an idea, not a specific model. She knew she wanted to help women and increase economic empowerment.
In Mexico, women found 12% of companies and represent 20% of entrepreneursAfter two years of its birth, V147 has supported 55 women entrepreneurs and they have received advice from 150 business experts who donate their time for a common cause.

Women entrepreneurs at V147 have said their sales grew 25% between 2012 and 2013, employed 28 workers on average and and billed 2,700 million pesos together as the annual revenue.

To achieve this V147's strategy is to build contacts and strengthen women's leadership skills. It took three years to build the project that now not only trains women in developing entrepreneurial skills, but also helps creating new lines of businesses and build a community of women that would like to increase their full potential.

We task ourselves with finding women who are making a change in Mexico and generating a positive impact." - Ana Victoria, is really passionate about finding talent and provide them with opportunities for development.

Currently V147 has four pillars: e-commerce, academy, accelerator and executive program. Every programme covers from mindfulness to business planning and innovation. Ana Victoria and V147 are aiming to inspire more women towards achieving women's economic empowerment in México. 

Photographer & Videographer Credit: Ana Victoria - Victoria147
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